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Yes, I know, there’s a lot of juicy stuff happening right now with celebrities and such. But, I’m off chasing rainbows and won’t be reporting’ the “teas” until August. Meet me here as I’ve also got the inside scoop on a new “Sistah” show in the works for Lifetime- been sworn to secrecy. But, your G-mogul should have the green light to dish upon her return:)

Have a great, safe and memorable Fourth and don’t forget somebody is watching!

In the voice of tea maven Wendy Williams ” I love you for following!”


Impromptu Wendy Williams Update

th wendy fire

What is it with you guys and Wendy Williams?! This is the first and possibly THE only time I’m going to come out from my wonderful hiatus to give you a resounding “Yes!” to over 100 of you visiting my blog today and up to 50-90 of your visits from the last few days hitting up old news about Wendy Williams making a return appearance on Think Like A Man Too, as Kevin Hart’s wife!

(okay so I’m lovin’ the attention, doncha know?) but, I’m on vacay:)

Okay, there you have it my faithful readers, Wendy Williams star is definitely rising as evidenced by her recent New York Times bestselling romance novel ( say what?!) now, Wendy’s got to thinking that she can also be a comedian:) for real, y’all Wendy will be trying her hand as a comic with an onstage monologue lasting for well over 70 minutes.

Wendy Williams reveals that she will be turning 50 on July 18th and this is on her bucket list. The g-mogul wish you plenty of finger snapping’ gurl! Now, I’m retreating back to my nest in the world of hibernation, people, so if you want updates on where and when Wendy Williams will be performing her standup? Just watch the show or TiVo it or whatever, cause all y’all know Wendy is always talkin.’


‘Think Like A Man Too’ hits theaters on Friday, June 20th and although Wendy apparently was only in Las Vegas for a hot couple of hours to film her part as Kevin Hart’s wife, the trailer with the other women, including La La Anthony, Regina Hall,Taraji P. Henson, and Gabrielle Union, looks interestingly entertaining.

Now I’m gonna have to take an extra week in July. Just sayin’ :)


When A Caged Bird Sings-Remembering Maya Angelou

On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey will pay tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou, through sessions and talks she has had with her friend and mentor on Oprah’s OWN Networks, Super Soul Sunday Series. How befitting an honor for such a distinguished firestorm that was Dr. Maya Angelou.

Like many of you whose lives were touched in some way by this phenomenal woman, author, actress, activist, poet and honored dignitary, I was deeply affected by her passing and, yet, comforted by the life lessons she left behind.

Unlike Oprah, presidents, celebs , famous authors,foreign dignitaries, and others of her close-knit families and friends, who would know Ms. Maya Angelou, I only got to rub elbows with her through her books. My obsession with Maya Angelou began when I first picked up a copy of “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” in the mid 70s. From that day until now, I reference Maya Angelou as my personal life mentor; in my head. I was secretly waiting for the day when I’d actually get to meet her. Okay, y’all so that meeting didn’t happen, but know what?

th bird

I began to know her through the boob tube, yes, but more importantly, through her works. I started collecting Maya Angelou’s books back when I was a young woman, eager to find my place. Reading Maya’s words through her books and poems always lifted me and made me want to do better. I am such a fan.

I got to “know” Marguerite Johnson through her writings, from the time she wrote about being 7 years old and fearing to speak because she felt she’d caused the death of the man who had sexually abused her, to the way she looked up to her brother Bailey and how she doted on her son Guy. Yes, I got to know Maya Angelou. She was the real deal and she wrote from the reality of real life.
As years passed, many of her original works got facelifts.Some of mine are tattered along the edges. These are some of Maya’s original books with brand new attitudes:





Dr. Maya Angelou/Marguerite Johnson the world remembers.

The g-mogul is on hiatus until July..thank you for stopping by!

Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Roundup

th new movies

Yes, it’s summer come June and with summer also comes vacations in the sun, family time fun and blockbuster movie diversions.I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve lined up a few of the go-to movies that I’m hoping to see this summer or at least on a family night with a DVD near me:)

Here’s the Movie scoop from Entertainment Weekly I sort of borrowed for y’all to get a jump on. I didn’t see Godzilla on the list, but I included it for the fear factor effect:


Some folk are calling X-Men Days Of Future Past, “THE” blockbuster movie of the summer.Halle Berry will be returning to the movie and we get to see her after giving birth to her second child.The movie opens May 23rd.


Angelina Jolie is an evil witch from the Sleeping Beauty fables in “Maleficent.” Her young daughter, Vivian makes a cameo appearance. Catch the opening May 30th. Something to scare the lil kiddies, yea baby! What?!

th tearjerk

‘The Fault In Our Stars” is tagged to be the tear-jerker of the summer where two teens with cancer become soul mates after finding each other and falling in love I’m a sucker for a heart wrenching love story. “Bring me the tissues got dang it”! The movie opens June 6th

th senior prom

After a tear-jerker, there’s got to be a comedy to help get us over the heartbreak. Anyhew, these men aren’t in high school anymore, they’re headed to college and are nowhere near a young Johnny Depp or Holly Robinson Pete in the original 21 Jumpstreet. 22 Jumpstreet is the sequel to the original and stars Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jonah Hill.
A bit of trivia? Did you know Holly Robinson Pete who was 22 at the time and a very 17-year-old Jason Priestly of 90210 fame dated after he guest starred on 21 Jumpstreet? Jason is telling all in his new memoir, “Jason Priestly_A Memoir.” Now y’all curious right?! :) 22 Jumpstreet opens June 13th

160846 think like a man 2

Yes, for all y’all die-hard fans, Wendy Williams does come back as Kevin Hart’s wife. And it’s opening in theaters June 20th. They’re taking it all the way live to Vegas to celebrate an upcoming wedding, baby!

The movie I know I’m going to watch?

Say good-bye Godzilla.



Zoe Saldana In Rosemary’s Baby


So what did Zoe Saldana bring to the role of Rosemary in last night’s debut miniseries “Rosemary’s Baby”? Well, for starters, and obviously, she brought the flavor, including an interracial marriage. Yes, there was some color to Rosemary last night, along with the beautiful language of the French-just enough goes a long way:)

I absolutely loved the original movie with Mia Farrow who played the naive Rosemary. Now, we have Zoe Saldana who puts her spin on just how far she wants the character to play ‘Ro’ all wide-eyed and innocent when stuff hits the fan and let’s face it, there aren’t too many people who’s going to stick around for the devil! :)

th rose book

It’s a slippery slope let me tell you for the actress and producer to keep it real for the people. Too much of a character being in a state of denial can kill a great movie. When the priest told her to leave, Rosemary should have at least started packing:)

I like that the movie takes on a fresh perspective, but I would prefer to have seen Rosemary (2014) at least try to believe she was in danger right from the first encounter with those creepy Paris rich folks and how about that blue-eyes devil guy she kept seeing and refused to believe was there? I know the movie is going to pick up the pace in the last installment on Thursday because right now, I know what this gurl would have done in Rosemary’s position; she certainly wouldn’t be drinking that nasty ass “fertility” soup. What?!

Mia Farrow was a timid Rosemary in the 60s version and I was a kid so everything was scary. Zoe Saldana is a modern woman who looks like she can’t be fooled in the movie, and she didn’t flip the script on that angle.I think I liked her performance thus far, in a few of her other movies, better… Take a trip with me down Zoe Saldana ‘s Lane:



thStar t




Big Name Celebrities Gearing Up To Bid For The NBA Clippers

Celebrity Power moguls move fast in this world people and we can all take a lesson from how they do it in a realm where billionaires and opportunity meet. Just one day after NBA Clippers owner, 80-year-old Donald Sterling was banned for life from ever having anything to do with NBA games-EVER in any capacity, including sitting at court-side of any game or interacting with any players of the game, because of his racist tirade against blacks.

Donald Sterling’s Clippers are Black players and for him to deny any blacks folks in his circle, his girlfriend from associating with any blacks or bringing them to his games, is his racist truth rearing up to bite him in the a$$! The bottom line is the old man won’t miss much about the stiff penalty brought against him by NBA Commissioner,Adam Silver, although it is a swift and just punishment; the man is a billionaire and will only cough at the 2.5 million dollar fine.

As for being forced to sell the Clippers team he bought for 12 million dollars in 1981 and now, according to reports is worth well over a billion dollars? No loss there.The thing that’s going to bother this old turd is not the sale of his team, it’s going to be his being banned for life from the game of Basketball!

Now, who is going to purchase the Clippers from the fallen owner? Here are some of the celebrity big wigs who are considering throwing their hats into the ring.Keep in mind, this is only the first day. We are only just starting to hear of the mighty Celebrity buying prowess:

th oprah

According to an ESPN report, Lady “O” is already considering joining forces with two power players to buy the Clipper Donald Geffen and Larry Ellison.


Whoopi stated on The View today that she’d like to see a woman purchase the team and she is game for hooking up with a gazillionaire to do just that. Maybe Whoopi will be talking to Oprah.


Floyd Mayweather is talking. The talk is, the boxing champ is very interested in purchasing The Clippers!

th de hoya

And Oscar De La Hoya- if only to make his people proud; You go brother Oscar!
Y’all know we haven’t heard the last of the celebs who are probably right now talking to their people: their accountants to their money-makers, financial advisers and such to make this happen!

Donald Trump, Will Smith and Mark Cuban can’t be far behind. just sayin’

holla your picks for the celebrity big timer y’all think might buy the Clippers.

Will There Be Fallout From (RHOA) Porsha Williams Arrest?


I think Porsha Williams should remain on the reality show, although the folks over at TMZ are questioning whether Andy Cohen and his peeps at Bravo might not consider repercussions from what transpired between the two women at the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion in March.

I can’t wait to tune in to see the stuff the producers allow for public viewing when the reunion show airs this Sunday. The other housewives are reportedly blaming Kenya Moore for the melee, citing how she provoked Porsha to the point of the younger woman getting up from her seat to attack Ms. Moore, pulling at her hair in the process of an intended beat down.

Apparently, the whole thing was a blur and was immediately stopped from escalating by Andy Cohen and other staff members and then, Kenya Moore goes and swears our a warrant for Porsha’s arrest. Okay, we know the deal, people, these reality shows are geared toward bringing the drama to keep us watching and reporting the teas:) but there’s a limit to how grown women behave when there are certain to be young women and girls with impressionable minds watching! just sayin’

Anyhew, the reports are that Porsha turned herself in on Thursday and was released after posting bail. TMZ is reporting that the young Porsha Williams is also planning on profiting from those glamor mug shots taken of her arrest, by incorporating them into her wig line. Really!? Is that genius or what?

And it appears Porsha Williams will have her revenge allegedly she is going to file felony charges against Kenya Moore for aggravated assault.

I don’t know which is worse, these two or the ratchet Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop hanging from the ceiling of her bathtub, holding onto the shower rod in her just released sex tape aka porn,and not getting paid for the shower rod’s popularity ( which by the way have gotten more publicity than the two idiots engaging in the act) doncha know.

It’s clear to the g-mogul what motivates these women of reality TV is obviously money, fame and notoriety. It’s their brand of crack cocaine and that’s on the real.

In the words of Wendy Williams, “We like dirty laundry, but even we have our limits.” Okay, so she was talking about Tori Spelling and husband Dean’s new reality show “True Tori” but it’s all relative.

Speaking of dirty, who’s going to purchase a copy of Wendy Williams’s new book, “Hold Me In Contempt”?
Not this g-mogul. I saw the skit she rehearsed on The Wendy Show with Taraji P. Hensen and as an honest book reviewer and from what I heard? Terry McMillan got no worries.
Hey Wendy, want me to ghostwrite your sequel? Anyhew, my peeps, send your sound-offs to the g-mogul. Y’all know how we do it. just sayin’