The Expendables 3: A Nostalgic Movie Review

th expendables 3

And so what if Sly Stallone’s 3rd screenplay didn’t wow y’all younger folks over the weekend this time around!? I mean, in my opinion, this third installment of The Expendables was the cat’s meow as in raining all those pecs! I don’t know about any of the other women out there, but the testosterone alone in this movie should have sealed the deal at the box off for them, along with enough action for the men, and who cares that Arnold and Sly had work done ( did y’all see Extra too?) that we know about for this movie or that Wesley Snipes joking about his tax evasion didn’t come off as funny as it was maybe intended in the script. That bit of reality didn’t necessarily have to be a part of Wesley’s comeback to the big screen or into acting, period. It was good seeing Blade, though. :)

And excuse me, but Mel Gibson playing the role of the fallen comrade turned vicious arms dealer seemed believable. More so than Terry Crews whose performance was overshadowed by those enormous arms! What? Y’all know those Popeye biceps were either painted on or blown up with fillers. It wasn’t too hard to figure whose were bigger either, his or Stallone’s; just sayin’


The Expendables 3 was a bit off at the box office over the weekend, reportedly bringing in something just over $16 million. Uh, excuse me, but I could use a mere penance of those coins, doncha know. Anyhew, this g-mogul enjoyed seeing all of the old timers bust a move and let me say for the record; the star power in this film was off the chain! I mean everyone was on set in this bad boy movie, except maybe for Bruce Willis whose appearance would have added to the movie great action scenes.I got a bit nostalgia watching this movie as it reminded me of the good ole days of Hollywood movies, heroines and heroes.(sigh)


I mean studios just don’t make movies like they used to and the action heroes just aren’t cut from the same cloth (no offense) like say, a Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis (missed ya) Lundgren, Banderas, Lee ( too small a roll here),Chan ( smaller role), Snipes, Ford and Statham. The others are not my idea of action heroes when it comes to these type movies, but they did okay in their respective roles: Terry Crews, Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer and Randy Couture. Enjoyed you all and I want everyone who is reading this to go see The Expendables 3 and don’t buy some blurred copy, people!

This was not a paid advertisement, doncha know. It sure reads like one, but what can I say? This movie was pure Sly Stallone gathering of old/er men who still brought out the big guns in entertainment.


Whoopi Goldberg’s Favorite Things For 2014


Now that the last two remaining women of The View have said their good-byes-that would be Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, it’s just Whoopi Goldberg and some of her favorite things! Don’t be too sad for the Whoop though, because Rosie O’Donnell will be coming back to claim her seat on the view panel.The g-mogul is waiting like the rest of y’all to see how it all plays out. Whoopi will still be the moderator, but who knows how that’s gonna flow with her friend Rosie unfiltered speak. just sayin’

If you all didn’t catch Whoopi introducing some of her favorite things on the show Wednesday- this tea maven got ya covered (too much of the Wendy-isms,I know) but I can’t seem to reel it in:) Without farther ado, here are some of your gurl, Whoopi’s favorite things:

th grout

The Grout-Gator cleans floors, kitchen and bathroom tiles and can be found at Price for the starter kit is $29.95 and $11.95 for additional 4-pack brushes.

Kit2_11_crop lint

Gleener is a lint remover or as Whoopi likes to call it, a remover of “sweater balls” The Gleener is made of merino wool and attached to a lint brush to get rid of fuzz on your clothes. The price is $19.99 and can be found at


Parents must teach their children good oral hygiene from an early age! I’m so anal about this one. Anyho, these toothbrushes come from and you can have them delivered routinely every 2 to 3 months and for every purchase y’all make goodmouth donates these brushes to dental care and good oral hygiene to someone in need awesome good deed goodmouth! The brushes cost $4.95

img-sachet deodorizer

Ever Bamboo. com rids your home of that dank, musty smells that a lot of homes have. Remember those Moth balls? Yea, those. Don’t knock em till you try em, anyhew, that was my childhood. But, I digress. The price at for these deodorizers and dehumidifiers starts at $9.99. Hmm, wonder if they smell better than Fe breeze?

AforAnimal_medium carries a line of baby clothes and adult clothing as well. Whoopi was focused on the line of baby clothing cause she is a new great grandma. These baby clothes are said to be UV protected, keeps babies temperature regulated, and are made from natural bamboo, without dyes or bleach. Check them all out at The baby clothes might start at $10.00, but some are more expensive.


Next up is, disposable linens that makes it easy to use nad discard without the hassle of doing laundry. These free linens are, according to Whoopi “My absolute favorite. The best!” and there you have it people. If you love to travel, have children you’re sending off to collage or just lazy, these are yours for $11.99 and upwards of $34.99. These make great purchases by hospitals and assisted senior living or at home caregivers.


And last on the list of some of Whoopi’s favorite things? Vamplets. I don’t know what the world is coming to, people. These things take the cake! Whoopi is somewhere bordering on cray-cray cause there were like only two cute-ish ones in the bunch; the rest were ugly, menacing and damn scary. What! Would you give these to your kids?

Anyho, if you’re feelin’ these? go to and make your purchase for $18.95 to $24.95 and be prepared to creep out on vampire ghost doll and other toys and books. Thank you very much Whoop, but I’ll stick with horror movies, doncha know.

All the world’s a stage and I’m out. Until next time y’all can


Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy End Their Engagement

th M&N
Hello peeps and g-moguls!

Y’all don’t know how much I wanted to come back on a high note after a 2 month hiatus from spilling the teas:) I mean, this teas-expert nearly had an interview from Downtown Julie Brown in the bag okay? The veejay of the 80s didn’t even return my plea with a holla back, y’all. Gurl gotta get back in with the hook-up-just saying.

So, I’ve missed a lot, but woke up to the bummed out news of Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ending their 5 year engagement. In their defense, at least they didn’t call it “irreconcilable differences’, or is that just for married folks? Another good thing for the couple is that no monies have to be divided by a prenup- hmm, now the wheels are spinning.

Some reports are saying Michael called off the engagement and others report it was Nichole who ended the relationship because of the distance they had to travel to keep the home fires burning. Nicole Murphy films her reality show Hollywood Exes in California, while Michael Strahan’s Live! With Kelly and Michael and GMA morning talk is in New York.

Is travel the culprit causing their split and not the alleged disagreement over a prenup signing? Only Nicole and Michael knows for sure. Psst, the g-maven wager that Nicole and Andrea are going to become best buds on the exes now. Wanna bet? :)

M& N

Look, this is not what I wanted to hit y’all up with on my return to the tea-table, cause these two made a good-looking couple, but hit me up next Saturday ( new posting schedule) to see what teas capture my attention and makes me want to share with my tea crew!

I’m off for a steaming cup of java. Care to join me? Downtown Julie Brown could still answer the call cause we just wanna know “Where is she now?!”

Hey did y’all catch Martin Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon last night? So glad he’s slimmed down and looking like “Martin!”


Update On The “Teas” Blog


Yes, I know, there’s a lot of juicy stuff happening right now with celebrities and such. But, I’m off chasing rainbows and won’t be reporting’ the “teas” until August. Meet me here as I’ve also got the inside scoop on a new “Sistah” show in the works for Lifetime- been sworn to secrecy. But, your G-mogul should have the green light to dish upon her return:)

Have a great, safe and memorable Fourth and don’t forget somebody is watching!

In the voice of tea maven Wendy Williams ” I love you for following!”


Impromptu Wendy Williams Update

th wendy fire

What is it with you guys and Wendy Williams?! This is the first and possibly THE only time I’m going to come out from my wonderful hiatus to give you a resounding “Yes!” to over 100 of you visiting my blog today and up to 50-90 of your visits from the last few days hitting up old news about Wendy Williams making a return appearance on Think Like A Man Too, as Kevin Hart’s wife!

(okay so I’m lovin’ the attention, doncha know?) but, I’m on vacay:)

Okay, there you have it my faithful readers, Wendy Williams star is definitely rising as evidenced by her recent New York Times bestselling romance novel ( say what?!) now, Wendy’s got to thinking that she can also be a comedian:) for real, y’all Wendy will be trying her hand as a comic with an onstage monologue lasting for well over 70 minutes.

Wendy Williams reveals that she will be turning 50 on July 18th and this is on her bucket list. The g-mogul wish you plenty of finger snapping’ gurl! Now, I’m retreating back to my nest in the world of hibernation, people, so if you want updates on where and when Wendy Williams will be performing her standup? Just watch the show or TiVo it or whatever, cause all y’all know Wendy is always talkin.’


‘Think Like A Man Too’ hits theaters on Friday, June 20th and although Wendy apparently was only in Las Vegas for a hot couple of hours to film her part as Kevin Hart’s wife, the trailer with the other women, including La La Anthony, Regina Hall,Taraji P. Henson, and Gabrielle Union, looks interestingly entertaining.

Now I’m gonna have to take an extra week in July. Just sayin’ :)


When A Caged Bird Sings-Remembering Maya Angelou

On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey will pay tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou, through sessions and talks she has had with her friend and mentor on Oprah’s OWN Networks, Super Soul Sunday Series. How befitting an honor for such a distinguished firestorm that was Dr. Maya Angelou.

Like many of you whose lives were touched in some way by this phenomenal woman, author, actress, activist, poet and honored dignitary, I was deeply affected by her passing and, yet, comforted by the life lessons she left behind.

Unlike Oprah, presidents, celebs , famous authors,foreign dignitaries, and others of her close-knit families and friends, who would know Ms. Maya Angelou, I only got to rub elbows with her through her books. My obsession with Maya Angelou began when I first picked up a copy of “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” in the mid 70s. From that day until now, I reference Maya Angelou as my personal life mentor; in my head. I was secretly waiting for the day when I’d actually get to meet her. Okay, y’all so that meeting didn’t happen, but know what?

th bird

I began to know her through the boob tube, yes, but more importantly, through her works. I started collecting Maya Angelou’s books back when I was a young woman, eager to find my place. Reading Maya’s words through her books and poems always lifted me and made me want to do better. I am such a fan.

I got to “know” Marguerite Johnson through her writings, from the time she wrote about being 7 years old and fearing to speak because she felt she’d caused the death of the man who had sexually abused her, to the way she looked up to her brother Bailey and how she doted on her son Guy. Yes, I got to know Maya Angelou. She was the real deal and she wrote from the reality of real life.
As years passed, many of her original works got facelifts.Some of mine are tattered along the edges. These are some of Maya’s original books with brand new attitudes:





Dr. Maya Angelou/Marguerite Johnson the world remembers.

The g-mogul is on hiatus until July..thank you for stopping by!

Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Roundup

th new movies

Yes, it’s summer come June and with summer also comes vacations in the sun, family time fun and blockbuster movie diversions.I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve lined up a few of the go-to movies that I’m hoping to see this summer or at least on a family night with a DVD near me:)

Here’s the Movie scoop from Entertainment Weekly I sort of borrowed for y’all to get a jump on. I didn’t see Godzilla on the list, but I included it for the fear factor effect:


Some folk are calling X-Men Days Of Future Past, “THE” blockbuster movie of the summer.Halle Berry will be returning to the movie and we get to see her after giving birth to her second child.The movie opens May 23rd.


Angelina Jolie is an evil witch from the Sleeping Beauty fables in “Maleficent.” Her young daughter, Vivian makes a cameo appearance. Catch the opening May 30th. Something to scare the lil kiddies, yea baby! What?!

th tearjerk

‘The Fault In Our Stars” is tagged to be the tear-jerker of the summer where two teens with cancer become soul mates after finding each other and falling in love I’m a sucker for a heart wrenching love story. “Bring me the tissues got dang it”! The movie opens June 6th

th senior prom

After a tear-jerker, there’s got to be a comedy to help get us over the heartbreak. Anyhew, these men aren’t in high school anymore, they’re headed to college and are nowhere near a young Johnny Depp or Holly Robinson Pete in the original 21 Jumpstreet. 22 Jumpstreet is the sequel to the original and stars Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jonah Hill.
A bit of trivia? Did you know Holly Robinson Pete who was 22 at the time and a very 17-year-old Jason Priestly of 90210 fame dated after he guest starred on 21 Jumpstreet? Jason is telling all in his new memoir, “Jason Priestly_A Memoir.” Now y’all curious right?! :) 22 Jumpstreet opens June 13th

160846 think like a man 2

Yes, for all y’all die-hard fans, Wendy Williams does come back as Kevin Hart’s wife. And it’s opening in theaters June 20th. They’re taking it all the way live to Vegas to celebrate an upcoming wedding, baby!

The movie I know I’m going to watch?

Say good-bye Godzilla.