Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway: On Fashion, Work, and Reality TV

As promised I'm sharing great highlights from my interview with the talented mega actress, producer, star of stage and screen, Ms.Vanessa Bell Calloway! And for the record, this g-mogul must care about her peeps and followers out there, because this post was at the top of my to-do list and one that took time to transcribe. Just sayin' and no shade to MS. Calloway for giving me what I asked for in her authentic responses that all y'all need to appreciate.

This is not the complete interview from the busy actress who is currently starring as Zora Neale Hurston in her one woman play,"Letters From Zora...In Her Own Words, at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. The show runs from October 9th (my sis birthday) to the 26th and reportedly to rave reviews. Ms. Calloway is also super busy with her popular web series "In The Company of Friends." Check out the clip above.


Here's some of our interview:

g-mogul- Ms. Calloway, as you know, fashion is all the rage these days, as depicted in magazines, on the red carpet and on the runways. What is Vanessa Bell Calloway's fashion style ( laugh here or snicker, hard to tell):)

response- I don't really know if I have a signature style, but, I do like clothes. I love accessories. I love purses and I love shoes. I just feel what looks good on me and what I like. I don't really care about the designer and I'll put an expensive piece with a piece that's on sale. You know I'm doing the best I can.

g-mogul- Would you ever consider doing Reality TV? This is a lengthy response in regards to reality television because we touched upon how she felt about "established" or "learned" actresses doing a reality TV series like, for instance "Hollywood Divas", the new show on TV One and starring Elise Neal, Countess Vaughn, Golden Brooks, Lisa Wu and Paula Parker Ari.

response- My daughter had a reality show on television called Baldwin Hills and it featured her and my family was featured for quite some time. The show was on for 3 seasons and she was on for 2 of those seasons, which started when she was a junior in high school. Then she was a senior and she graduated and went to SPELMAN. We sort of already did that.


When asked if she'd seen Hollywood Divas and her thoughts on established actresses doing a Reality Series:
Ms. Calloway responds... I don't watch a lot of those shows. I don't know what's it about. ( given a brief synopsis by yours truly) continues:
I think that people do what's best for them. I try not to judge other people motives. I think you do what's best for's not something I'd be interested in, but that's me. It doesn't mean it's not a good thing to do, it just means I won't do it and it's not something I'd be interested in watching cause I don't watch all of those Hollywood Wives and all that stuff.

I don't really like those shows, but that's me and they don't need me to watch. They have a large fan base and their shows are doing quite well...(pause) there's so much on TV these days. You pick what you want, watch what you want and you don't have to criticize it and if you don't want to watch? There's a lot of people who watch it'

Okay, here I had to concur because the g-maven watch all that stuff! What?!

The interview kept going after putting me on hold for a brief moment in time. When we continued Ms. Calloway answered questions in regards to her one woman play where she asked that people on the East coast go and see the play. She also talked about her popular web series ( sneak peek video above) her Radio Talk Show and things her fans might not know about her-


Y'all just might have to catch all of that and then some when my conversation ( more than an interview) with Ms. Vanessa Bell Calloway continues. In the meantime and between time, go catch the play, tune into the radio talk show and become a fly on the wall at Ms. Calloway's house where she invites you into her space as she entertains good friends such as Elise Neal, Loretta Devine and Vivica A. Fox ( just to name a few) in her web series "In The Company Of Friends."

That's a wrap people!

holla' and always, "treat yourself special."

Interview With Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway


Happy Monday, g-moguls! So, I just got off the phone with Ms. Vanessa Bell Calloway and let me tell y’all something; the woman speaks her truths! This celeb couldn’t have been more gracious. She put me on hold while she took a call from her husband, but apologized for the wait…

The interview went well. Ms.Calloway answered every question with class and clarity. You are going to read her take on Reality TV, info about her radio talk show and her popular web series, called, “In The Company Of Friends.”

Don’t despair people, the g maven will be breaking down the teas from the interview in a few days. Y’all know we keep it real here and Ms. Calloway is kept it real in response to questions asked. That’s all for now folks. Come holla’ at me in a couple of days. Sistah gurl have to transcribe some stuff:)


Everyone make sure to catch Vanessa Bell Calloway as Zora Neale Hurston in her one woman play, “Letters From Zora… In Her Own Words.” Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll post them on the blog. Hope to see y’all back here for an awesome interview.

As always “treat yourself special.”

Wendy Williams Gets ‘Butt Enhancement’ Tips From Doctor Oz


Viewers of the Wendy Williams Show knows there’s definitely no shame in her game when it comes to getting the teas. Disregard Oprah in the video. This is not about Lady “O.” On today’s show, the gossip maven had as one of her guest, Dr. Oz, who spoke on the Ebola Virus and butt implants. Yep, Wendy Williams, no stranger to plastic surgery, like liposuction and breast implants, asked the good doctor which would he recommend using for butt enhancements, Silicone or Fat Injections?


Dr. Mamet Oz recommended good old butt squats to get a natural rounded butt, but, y’all know Wendy wasn’t having that! According to Dr. Oz, then, silicone can burst and send that stuff spreading throughout your blood stream. If women wanted to look bootylicious, with the help of butt implants, say like a Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea? Dr. Oz would recommend fat injection because it’s your own fat taken from a fatty area of your body and injected into the buttocks. I don’t know bout y’all but I accept me as I am and don’t have body image problems and I’m not a celebrity,so do you. Just sayin’

Dr. Oz also cleared up a bit about the Ebola Virus. Well, the patient from Liberia, who was in critical condition from the disease, has recently passed away. Dr. Oz calls the virus a stupid disease. I call it a killer that’s taken the lives of many. Hopefully containment and cure is in the works. Wash y’all hands and stay vigilant to help prevent the spread of this virus.

Here’s the cover of Dr. Oz new magazine, The Good Life.


Okay, holla’ and remember to “treat yourself special.”

Why Bern Nadette Stanis AKA Thelma Should Be On DWTS


Okay, just tell me if I’m wrong here, but I bet all of y’all men out there and some of you fluid women as well, just sayin, would love to get a front row seat to see Bern Nadette Stanis aka Thelma Evans of television’s hilarious sitcom Good TIMES become the next celebrity to strut her stuff on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). I mean if y’all were willing to entertain the 2 left feet likes of a Wendy Williams, ( that’s my gurl doncha know?) and the g maven is not tryin’ to throw shade. This comes from a southern girl who can’t dance either! But, we speak the truth here, people. Remember Billy Dee Williams? enuff said:)

Another reason the celebrated actress, author and Julliard alumni should be on the show? Because maybe the g-mogul might have heard it in from a little birdie ( her manager) that he wants what Bern Nadette wants and reportedly, Thelma wants to dance with the stars! Listen up, let’s take this thing to the masses and advocate for Thelma/Bern Nadette to not only be the next dance contestant on DWTS, but that she also bring her wit, wisdom and black woman hosting power to Saturday Night Live! Okay, now, Wendy, you put it out there for Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms to be a judge the show, why not use your voice that carries weight for Bern Nadette to be among the next roundup of celebrities to dance on show?

thall good

I’m a fan of Good Times and JJ was my guy. Little Micheal’s intellect about “the man” sort of scared me some and Thelma brought out the “black girl reach” called ‘possibilit’ when the show premiered in the 70s. I was wearing an Angela Davis fro and thinking I was the “sh*t” girl because of how Florida and James raised their children: poor, broke, black, proud and ghetto fabulous :)

th thelma

Y’all know I’m a sentimental fool, so let’s get back to the most important news of today’s post: Bern Nadette Stanis just might be mulling over penning a personal letter here in the very near future (fingers crossed) where she will bring everyone up to speed on what she’s been doing since Good Times ended in 1979 and who knows, just maybe she’ll let y’all in why she’s ready for Dancing With The Stars and Saturday Night Live.


And always “Treat yourself special”

Gotham City: Dark, Bloody And Brooding


All Batman enthusiasts know the dark underbelly of Gotham City where two vigilant crime-fighters set out to save the world from the evilness taking hold of the city. Okay, my bad,that was the original television series with Adam West as the capped crusader, teaming up with Burt Ward, his sidekick, Robin, premiering on television in 1966. Hmm, I’m dated but y’all get that Gotham is all about the beginning for all of the Batman characters, but, that Robin will be missing right?

We get introduced to Gotham in all of its seediness, dark characters with a thirst for committing crime in dark alleys, slaughter houses and even at the fishing docks. This show is really gritty with a corrupted police force that aligns itself with the mob and sultry crime bosses who has a thing for those who she can manipulate into partnering with her in her dirty work and massaging her feet. Hold up though, Fish Mooney didn’t figure on the young detective vowing to clean up the streets of Gotham after a very young Bruce Wayne see his parents murdered. Not a lot of action in this first episode or taking down the bad guys, just an innocent man framed for the young Bruce Wayne’s parents murder and killed by police.


It was fun trying to put a name to the younger versions of Batman characters and I think the g-mogul enjoyed that better than the storyline. Catwoman is a young unknown , dressed in black who steals milk for her feline and silently watches from the rooftop all of Gotham’s goings on. Young Bruce , now in the protection of Albert, his parent’s butler, just wants justice for his parent’s murder. “Find dude with the shiny shoes.” Okay, I said that.

You know even before Jada Pinkett Smith makes an appearance, that nobody else could possibly have the name “Fish Mooney” but her. My age appropriate intuition tells me she came up with the character’s name ‘Fish’ too. What y’all think?
The villain in a young Gotham wasn’t so easy to pinpoint. I know the squiggly little mouthpiece was probably the Penguin, but who was the Riddler? The big dude ready to hang the police up for shearing or gutting? Do tell!:)
The premiere of Gotham wasn’t bad, but watching the return of Sleepy Hollow was even better! Anyhew, looks like FOX is getting back on track after a long boring summer of Monday night television.

BTW: Was taken aback to see one of my favorite singers,and actors, Randy Travis walking unsteady on a cane from paralysis after he suffered a stroke in 2013. The gentle voiced singer reportedly surgery for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and sustained the right-sided paralysis, appearing permanent. Randy’s wife tells news sites that Randy cannot speak or sing.

People do right by yourself and don’t take life for granted!


Wendy Williams Is Back And Eating Crow!


Watching Wendy Williams have to eat her words in ‘Crow’ on her return from vacation on Monday was hilarious. Yes, the queen bee of daytime talk shows was back from vacation ,telling her viewers that the number one question on folks minds was, “Are you going to eat the crow?” and her answer was yes, she was a woman of her word and will eat the crow.

So remaining true to her word and her viewers, the queen of daytime talk ate crow, only, this g-mogul had to take issue with one little fact. This crow was prepared by celebrity chef, Kevin Burrows, who cooked the bird in the form of a spicy gumbo stew. So, technically AND TO keep it real; even though you ate crow Wendy, you didn’t really eat the crow in its natural state, without all of the fixings. just saying.

Before Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married, Wendy was talking stuff. Remember? She said she didn’t believe Kanye would marry his then baby mama, Kim Kardashian. Then, when they got engaged, my gurl was still doubtful about a wedding ever happening. But, when Kim and Kanye actually tied the knot amid a massive media blitz of opulence and wasteful spending habits and heightened sense of entitlement tomfoolery, Wendy made the crow bet that the marriage wouldn’t last longer than 72 days (the length of Kim’s marriage with basketball player, Chris Humphres)

Wendy came back to her show on Monday,which was the 73rd day of the married couple’s wedding and being that she is a woman of her word; ate gourmet style crow stew, with a crow bib around her neck and without her usual slathering on of hot sauce. Wendy ate crow, while viewers and her audience, her co-hosts got a lesson on the art of having to eat crow after putting your foot in your mouth:

Crows are wild animals and have to be hunted and shot down
Crow meat is tough and slides around
Crows have to be cooked a long time-like 4 hours And
Crows still harbor the taste of gunshot in the meat even after cooking? Wendy said she could take the residue from the bullets.
People in Utah love to eat crow
Crow is said to increase potency.

After eating crow, Wendy Williams still maintained that “just cause they are married (kim & Kanye) doesn’t mean they’re happy- we’ll be watching!”

Awww shucks, Wendy, just eat your crow!