Will There Be Fallout From (RHOA) Porsha Williams Arrest?


I think Porsha Williams should remain on the reality show, although the folks over at TMZ are questioning whether Andy Cohen and his peeps at Bravo might not consider repercussions from what transpired between the two women at the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion in March.

I can’t wait to tune in to see the stuff the producers allow for public viewing when the reunion show airs this Sunday. The other housewives are reportedly blaming Kenya Moore for the melee, citing how she provoked Porsha to the point of the younger woman getting up from her seat to attack Ms. Moore, pulling at her hair in the process of an intended beat down.

Apparently, the whole thing was a blur and was immediately stopped from escalating by Andy Cohen and other staff members and then, Kenya Moore goes and swears our a warrant for Porsha’s arrest. Okay, we know the deal, people, these reality shows are geared toward bringing the drama to keep us watching and reporting the teas:) but there’s a limit to how grown women behave when there are certain to be young women and girls with impressionable minds watching! just sayin’

Anyhew, the reports are that Porsha turned herself in on Thursday and was released after posting bail. TMZ is reporting that the young Porsha Williams is also planning on profiting from those glamor mug shots taken of her arrest, by incorporating them into her wig line. Really!? Is that genius or what?

And it appears Porsha Williams will have her revenge allegedly she is going to file felony charges against Kenya Moore for aggravated assault.

I don’t know which is worse, these two or the ratchet Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop hanging from the ceiling of her bathtub, holding onto the shower rod in her just released sex tape aka porn,and not getting paid for the shower rod’s popularity ( which by the way have gotten more publicity than the two idiots engaging in the act) doncha know.

It’s clear to the g-mogul what motivates these women of reality TV is obviously money, fame and notoriety. It’s their brand of crack cocaine and that’s on the real.

In the words of Wendy Williams, “We like dirty laundry, but even we have our limits.” Okay, so she was talking about Tori Spelling and husband Dean’s new reality show “True Tori” but it’s all relative.

Speaking of dirty, who’s going to purchase a copy of Wendy Williams’s new book, “Hold Me In Contempt”?
Not this g-mogul. I saw the skit she rehearsed on The Wendy Show with Taraji P. Hensen and as an honest book reviewer and from what I heard? Terry McMillan got no worries.
Hey Wendy, want me to ghostwrite your sequel? Anyhew, my peeps, send your sound-offs to the g-mogul. Y’all know how we do it. just sayin’


James Arness And “GunSmoke” Trivia

th gunsmoke

Okay, so I was in conversation with some age related peeps who are relevant to this post and we began reminiscing about how they just don’t make movies and television shows like they used to back in the day (op-ed) when our parents were young and we were growing up.

I know those were the days my friend. lol. Anyhew, the subject of Westerns came up, along with our sharing our favorite series. Some of our favorite ride ‘em up cowboys came to mind that hadn’t been thought of in years, along with a few juicy tidbits about these larger than life characters that many folks just wasn’t made aware of. I mean who knew that Ms. Kitty smoked like a chimney in real life?!

Well, considering how long ago these Westerns came into play, I thought why not give a shout out to some of the best viewing in television history and bring awareness to the young folks? But, don’t be fooled, some of these ‘cowboy’ insights this g-mogul never knew until I’d done my research. Since there were so many Westerns made during the 50s and 60s during the wild west era, I’ve decided to do a series of sorts on some of my favorites, starting with James Arness and “GUNSMOKE.”

James Arness was Marshal Dillon for 20 years in the popular Western series, Gunsmoke where he played the amicable but serious sheriff who kept the town of Dodge in Kansas safe, along with his supposed love interest, Ms. Kitty, the proprietor of the Long Branch Saloon. Hmm, it always seemed strange that the two characters never kissed. Now I have a credible theory on that one- to be shared in a later post. :)

Well, James Arness was recommended for the role of his lifetime and, a role he couldn’t shake, by none other than John Wayne who reportedly turned down the role and became instrumental in getting Arness the job. The 6’6″ actor and brother of Peter Graves, also an actor, is said to have threatened many times to quit Gunsmoke, but each time was given a bigger salary and share in the residuals. He was married twice and the father of three, along with an adopted son from one of his marriages. The actor’s daughter committed suicide in 1975 and a son passed in 2004.

James Arness said about writing his autobiography in 2001,”If I was going to write a book…I’d better do it cause I’m not getting any younger. He also wrote in a letter read after his death.

“I had a wonderful life and was blessed with many loving people and great friends.”

More Trivia:
James Arness served in World War 11 and was severely wounded in the right leg and foot, thus the reason for slight limp.

His last ride as Matt Dillon was in the 1992 release of Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice.
He had poor eyesight and died of natural causes.
In 1996 TV Guide ranked James Arness # 20 in its 50 Greatest Tv stars of all times. The actor won numerous awards and acted in several series during his lifetime.

How many of y’all remember Gunsmoke? Who was your favorite character? Beside Matt Dillon, I sorta liked ole Festus. Just sayin’

Anyhew, my next post will be about Ken Curtis aka Festus and boy have I got something to tell y’all :)


Oprah Winfrey Sells Harpo Studios In Chicago

th harpo

Chicago and the rest of the world woke up to the news that Harpo Studios is now officially “Sold.” ABC news, here in Chicago, reported today’s breaking news in its early Sunday morning newscasts. Oprah Winfrey sold the building for an ‘undisclosed’ amount to the Sterling Bay Investment Firm, which is a Real Estate firm in Chicago. It’s the end of an era that was the beginning of the Oprah empire, as Chicago has come to know her.

Ms. Winfrey apparently purchased the West-side building for her Oprah Show back in 1988. She has since used it for the production of her OWN Network- y’all remember how Rosie O’ Donnell moved her family to The Windy City under Oprah’s Own umbrella and into the Harpo Studios?

Well, we all know how that turned out. Not only that, Lady “O” reportedly lost a lot of money on a couple of her property sales, including that store located right across from the Harpo Studios. Don’t remember the store? Here’s a picture: Okay, a sign leading to the store:)

th oprah store

Well, the store sold Oprah souvenirs/memorabilia and clothes, but apparently it didn’t fare very well because Oprah sold it. She also sold her Chicago condo that she purchased back in 2006 and never even stayed in it! Allegedly :) Oprah lost a lot of money from both sales. That’s not all, people, the tea is that she is thinking of selling her house and moving into something less grand!

I think what we’re missing in all of these Oprah sightings and the question we should be asking ourselves, is this- Is Oprah trying to distance herself from Chicago? I mean, she’s living the life out there in California and all over the world and such- Does she intend to leave just her Oprah legacy for us Chicago-ans? hmm.

Even though Oprah sold Harpo (Oprah spelled backwards) she reportedly has license to use it for the next 2 years for her production work- I suppose that means her Own Network productions. Y’all know since Oprah teamed with Tyler Perry and he helped turn her Own Network into Net-worth, she listens to his financial money matters, mainly how to get more, more, more. just sayin’

Oprah is probably taking Tyler Perry advice to sale and relocate- remember the law of the land when it comes to owning property in Real Estate- “location-location-location.” Now, I don’t know about you people, but if Warren Buffet or Tyler Perry spoke to me- I’d listen:)


B.T.W. Oprah Winfrey ain’t got nothin’ on these 15 Most Powerful Chicago women, except maybe cash, fame, notoriety and the farm in Indiana that I always wanted to put down an IOU ( did she sell that too?) including yours truly. We have been written about in “Shorty Your Chicago South Side Resource” just one of Chicago’s mainstays that serves the South Side of Chicago and spearheaded by Ms. Marcie Hill, an award-winning blogger, author and journalist.

Read the breaking news here: http://www.goshorty.net/south-side-most-powerful-women

Exploring Interracial Relationships In Televison


Okay, so I’m getting a little deep here cause I’ve noticed a pattern that’s really been going on for waay too long in the industry and networks and I’ve been around a long time; this needs to be addressed People! (actresses-actors) of color are not being utilized in the areas of mainstream television/ relationships the way they should and this doesn’t reflect real life situations. Here are a few shows that might have had staying power if the networks had utilized their actors, along with a couple that do have high rating, partly because of the interracial connections.

Viewers of FX’s ‘Justified’ was given the short end of the viewer cam stick. I’m talking about the steamy romance that should have gone on between the two co workers in the office and behind their fellow police officers back- the interracial romance, between Raylan and Rachel, as viewers were led to believe was going to materialize- didn’t and that’s why the show is being cancelled. just sayin’ People want romance and they ain’t looking for the usual and boring- variety is the key of life on these shows ( real life too) doncha know?! So, fare thee well, Justified and I hope those folks at FX can think beyond their outdated perceptions when penning great shows for future longevity.


Again, folks have lost interest in ‘Person of Interest’ because the show’s writers fear controversy when it comes to their romantic leads. CBS at channel 2 had a winner on its hands, but because of the good ole boy mentality about sex, romance and chocolate & vanilla couples getting together and bringing on the show’s fire and staying power- they fold. Taraj P. Henson’s leaving the show took the humph, the wow and the pow-wow power from the rest of the cast-members- although Reese, Finch and Fusco are great characterizations, there’s a void without Carter who has moved on to star with her other leading man and co-star from their Hustle & Flow days to bring the flow to a Tyler Perry masterpiece. Person of Interest’s Root and Shaw? Y’all good, but, you’re just not for John:) Reese, you still the dude, though. What?!


Katrina is a witch! Ichabod Crane needs himself an Abbey Miles and the flirtations needs to heat up between the two ghost, err, demon busters:) Anyhow, loved all of the characters in the show and if Fox keeps its head about them, the show could maintain it’s winner streak with viewers. Now, don’t go messing up the mystery, the temptation and the possibility of a connection between Crane and Abbey and for goodness sake, find a suitable in the flesh partner for her sister!

th jake 7 OLIVIA

Yes, I know like y’all know that Olivia be needing some ‘Scandal’ like Jake in her life! Leave Fritz alone for a long minute and bring in some fresh competition to heat things up:) The folks at ABC got the right idea when it comes to this love triangle- Olivia got to have her bundle of joy so viewers can see more than her chubby cheeks making deals. threats and hookup insinuations, though. Viewers hope Jake stays in the picture so that the ratings can stay on top, because Silas and his sappy husband and Olivia’s crew doing back deals and changing alliances and sleeping with the enemy is exhausting. spring is coming, Summer is on the horizon and folks want just want great entertainment when they do come inside from enjoying life in the real world.

What’s going on with shows who are afraid to create romances between the races? It’s 2014 people not 1880s or 1950s-60s-70s-80s-90s…


Celebrities Who Got “The Big Head”

image Big Head

Regular folks are not the only ones who when they get a little successful or gain a little bit of notoriety start acting some sort of way, like they’re God’s gift to M.C.Hammer’s “can’t touch this” mode of insanity.And I know a few folks who be thinking’ like that, but, no worries this post is not about YOU :) It’s about celebrities who have gone and gotten the “big head” and have almost lost something of value in the process-their friggin minds. Okay, I meant to say they’ve lost their humility-just sayin’

So, when do celebrities come down to earth and realize that they’re just very blessed folks who have been given the opportunity to share their gifts with the world at large and get filthy rich doing it? When will these flesh and blood folks realize that without their fame, fortune and assets, they’ll be regular folks calling themselves human beings? anyhow, enough of the spiritual meanderings on this g-mogul’s blog where the teas are the thing and the post is about celebrities getting the “Big Head.” Y’all like the caricature? It’s a free image and it’s representing’

So, the big head thang came about from a former post I had written on one of my other blogs (yes, I got several) where I’m telling regular folks to “Don’t go getting the big head” cause y’all still just people and so here are the celebs who might need that same wake up call from the g-mogul blog just keep putting it down and keeping it all the way real-for real!

th justin bieber

Justin Bieber, you were a kid who got discovered on YouTube. Now, you think you’re all of that with your teeny-weeny little self, walking around with your home boys, drinking and drugging and having unprotected sex (allegedly) :) anyho, you’ve been pulling wild pranks and fighting and getting into plenty of trouble while your friends get busted and sent to jail for some of these escapades, you, Justin take to twitter and call yourself ‘ just a “kid.” Hmm, Justin, methinks you are acting like a privileged little white boy and that you are spoiled and think you’re above the law-because you feel entitled. What?! Calling it like I see it, people.

You want to call yourself an adult when it suits you and a kid when you get in trouble? Grow up and take responsibility and stop acting like you don’t know right from wrong because you do.


NeNe Leakes you should hide your head in the sand for the outrageous and embarrassing way you been acting since you got invited to Hollywood to make your fame and fortunes awe, but, NeNe you starting to find out that celebrity is fleeting and that your fifteen minutes of fame where Donald Trump made you a “very rich b*tch” isn’t really flying since losing your short-lived sitcom, staring on Glee and purchasing that big ole mansion in the California Hillside. Now, you’re making sure your time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t cut short because that’s become your basic bread & butter that will keep you/r people shopping for bigger and better, you got to go and act ugly on the show, dress inappropriately at your pillow party and show your true colors as an instigator-your ‘show you the money’ attitude stinks and you’re getting the “big head’ but, you need to get right with God and stop playing the money, do and say anything fool.

th robin thicke

So, Robin Thicke, you’ve always been rich coming from your daddy’s Alan Thicke and his sitcom bankroll. You always been privileged so that’s nothing new, but, your work as a singer has never been so recognized as when you got the ‘Blurred Lines” thing going with your musical collaborator, and then the talk radio shows where you let all of your private business hang out about your wife and your sex-a-spades and then you go on stage and do that awful Twerking routine with a youngster, Miley Cyrus, where you were being viewed as some sort of pervert with those tight stripe pants, sexual lyrics and if that’s not enough, you get caught in the reflection of a mirrored photo with your hands up some young girls skirt and you really embarrassed your fans and humiliated your wife who is well-known in her own right as a celebrity-actress and you are now singing the blues because it’s reported that you and your wife have separated after being together since your teens. Man, those blurred lines can cause the best of them to get the ‘big head’ and lose their most precious possession in the aftermath.

th kenya gone with wind

Kenya Moore, why you’re even on this list, I have no idea. You’re a former Miss USA who will always remain a former somebody who got the “big head” for no reason that this g-mogul can see and hopefully, you’re find that your talent-less self-will pick yourself up and find a real and meaningful career that will have you giving back to a great cause or something, because, clearly, you haven’t found your calling and being “Gone With The Wind Fabulous sure ain’t it:)

Okay, these are a few celebs whose big headed ways have gotten the best of them and there are plenty more on this g-mogul’s list. Maybe we’ll call these Wednesday posts “Celebs Gettin The Big Head Wednesdays”…


The big heads of the Kardashians, The Braxtons and The Basketball Wives franchise I’m coming for ya!

Real Housewives Kandi Burruss’s Mama Joyce: Cray-Cray or Very Intuitive?

th mama joyce

I was really doing swell. I had decided not to write about any of those dang housewives and I didn’t for a long time. Not even when Joe and Teresa got slammed with fraud charges or the teas went down, insinuating that Apollo and Kenya really did have a little something-something going on! And y’all know I wanted to get down with the get down when Phaedra’s husband was arrested and charged with identify theft/fraud for stealing retired folks’ checks from their personal information and making millions outta other people hard earned monies-the g-mogul held her expert and intuitive op-eds to herself. And what about NeNe Leakes cray-cray exposure of all of her womanly assets during her ‘pillow talk’ sleepover with the other wives and their significant others (men) in the room? Ladies- show a bit of self- respect! Okay, that was for NeNe Leakes:) just sayin’

But, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss’s mama Joyce has just canceled out all of my good intentions in regards to the other g stuff. Kandi and fiance, Todd Tucker were rumored to be headed down the aisle on Valentine’s Day, but, apparently the cold reception and ugly digs between the mama and fiance has gotten waay out of hand and poor emotionally distraught Kandi don’t know where to turn or whose camp to hide out in- her mama or or her man?

th Kandi

So, this is why it’s so ugly,people: Mama Joyce thinks Todd is an opportunist. That he only loves Todd and only Todd. That he cheated on Kandi with her best friend and that Todd Tucker really doesn’t love her daughter; he just wants her money. She cited how just two months after dating Kandi, Todd quit his job. Now, Todd is fed up with mama Joyce interfering with his and Kandi’s relationship. He wants Kandi to step into her big girl drawers and tell mama Joyce to back the heck up! Todd is getting so perturbed he even threatened to break off their relationship- Kandi cries so much now, it’s not even funny. I mean, the young lady has so much going for herself; the music, the show, her sex toy franchise and now, clothing shops in Hollywood opening up and welcoming her brand to the Ritz- come on people, the girl should be enjoying her huge success, doncha know?!

How many folks think mama Joyce is gone like- cray-cray? And how many think that mama Joyce motherly intuition is on point? I’m torn, people. See, a mother knows, but, a mother who loves her child and respects that they will make the right decision or heck, suffer the consequence and learn a valuable lesson? would probably tell Joyce to chill out and allow her daughter to be the woman she needs to be. Now, that advice doesn’t come easy. I’ve been there mama Joyce, but, you gotta cut the strings ( rich though they might be) and give Kandi breathing room. She’s in love, mama Joyce! Psst, the streets are talking ( Wendy voice) and we hear you’re having your cake and icing and everything in between with your man and your daughter admittedly doesn’t interfere. Leave your daughter be and let her enjoy her man, mama. just sayin’

Y’all have gone and done it now. I’m all stirred up and just had to speak on it:)


Whoopi’s Tuesday “Shoe” Cam

Okay so I spent an hour searching for those dang shoes Whoopi wore today! Have no fear, found something better. One of the hot spots where Whoopi purchase her shoe cam shoes :)

IC Logo where to buy whop shoes

Hey y’all! Before we talk about the ‘shoes’, let’s just give a shout out to the shoe cam diva talk show host who coined the shoe cam phrase first? Ms. Wendy William of “How you Doin?” started the shoe cam thing on her daytime talk and now, Whoopi. Also, since we’re going there; Whoopi favorite things segment was a spin-off from The Oprah Show “some of my favorite things.” I know, people mere trivialities:) but I’ve been burned for my casual ‘phrases’ a few times in the past that snowballed into something huge and I wasn’t left feeling pretty:)

Y’all know how I roll here, so give credit where credit is due. Just sayin’

What y’all think about those shoes Whoopi wore today? Some of her co-hosts tried to be nice as they speculated about someone possibly tipping over in those clogs! Whoopi assures everyone (those of you at home as well) that the shoes are incredibly comfortable and yes they are built like a high heel and fancy-girl! Let’s take a trip down Whoopi “Shoe Lane” in case you missed out on viewing these babies:

images whoopi

imageswhoopi shoes tues

index boots

images moms

I feel ya moms! :)