Former “Fresh Prince” Alumni Blasts RHOA Kenya Moore

Happy Chinese New Year, y’all. Hey now! It seems to be going down between the original Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Janet Hubert and Miss Kenya (RHOA) Moore. Y’all know how the former Aunt Viv alumni seems to rear up like the Sphinx every now and again to either, correct something said about her or to throw shade on someone who has directed shade in her direction. Remember how she wrote an open letter to Wendy Williams, after the talk diva talked smack about her a while back?


Well, people, Aunt Viv has risen again :) this time to put Kenya Moore on blast! It seems Kenya Moore hired Ms. Hubert to work on her sitcom, aptly titled ” Life Twirls On” (y’all see episodes on Real Housewives where Kenya is casting for the sitcom a Kenya Moore production. The casting includes Kenya Moore’s cast-mate, former model, Cynthia Bailey.

The tea from the lips of Janet Hubert is that she didn’t get paid, allegedly because the actress refused to sign on the dotted line that enlists her to come on to the Real Housewives of Atlanta to help promote Kenya’s sitcom. In the words of Cuba Gooding Jr, “Show me the money” apparently wasn’t happening after the fact from Kenya to Janet, which set the actress off. The actress rant against Kenya Moore, RHOA and basically black reality shows is trending all over social media; soon, Wendy Williams team will get the scoop, fact check and discuss it in hot topics on her show. Just sayin’

Anyhew, allegedly, the actress, formerly known as “Aunt Viv” is warning all actors against taking (scam) roles on reality television. She is quoted as saying “Last time she worked with someone this evil (Kenya Moore) was on Fresh Prince. No more black shows for me.” Ouch, Aunt Viv, that hurt! Oh, just watch:)

My Interview With Actor Lyriq Bent On His Leading Role in “The Book of Negroes”


Okay, now y’all, it took the g-mogul a minute to track down this handsome and busy actor of television and film, because according to his people, the man was busy “working and traveling.” But, finally, Lyriq Bent sat down to answer a few questions about his lead role, opposite actress Aunjanue Ellis ( of The Help, Ray and Sleepy Hollow fame) in the upcoming six part mini-series, “The Book of Negroes” that airs February 16th – 18th on BET.

And no, I didn’t ask about his marital status, people:) but, rather about his unique first name (pronounced Lyric-like in songwriting) This is how he explained what this g-maven thinks is uniquely odd. Just sayin.’

-There’s no story to my name that I know of. It’s just something my parents liked and ended up naming me

My name is pronounced like “lyrics” to a song.

The cast of The Book Of Negroes include stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Louis Gosset Jr. Some of you guys might recall that Louis Gossett Jr. won an Emmy for his portrayal of Fiddler in the 1977 miniseries, “Roots.’ With these great talents in mind, yours truly asked the actor if he was nervous about taking on the lead role.

The Book Of Negroes

I wasn’t exactly nervous, more thrilled and excited to play the part. Book of Negroes is such an incredible story and knowing that put a great responsibility on me. I was also surrounded by such incredible talent on both sides of the camera. Being around that made me want to be better.

-Chekura plays a big part in Aminata’s life and knowing that required that I depict the character as honestly and best as I could. I had many conversations with the author to try to understand the character through his eyes so I could understand how to capture that essence of what Lawrence had originally envisioned for that character.

I asked Lyriq what he wanted viewers to take away from The Book of Negroes.

I want people walk away with their own experience of what BoN has to offer. I’ve walked away with my own experience and I want people to find their own truth.

You guys need to mark your calendars for this historical miniseries airing Monday, February 16th-18th on BET. Check your local listings, people. And there’s more good news for my peeps! After you tune in to watch the miniseries, you can gear up to read more of my interview with Lyriq Bent at my new Celebrity Dish column appearing in the March issue of URBAN IMAGES MAGAZINE-shut the front door!

Alright, y’all can calm down:) In the meantime, I’m gonna leave y’all with a clip of The Book of Negroes.


Is Kenya Moore Becoming Famous By Being Infamous?


Most of us know of Kenya Moore from watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. If the truth be told, people, I don’t recall her most boasted achievement to date yet, that of becoming Miss USA in the 90s. But, we give celebs their props where props are due, whether you’re a reality TV star or a trained, method or character actress.

For your achievement, Ms. Kenya, gurl, we applaud you! You have also starred in a few early television sitcoms and even, if I read correctly, produced a movie, albeit slightly a salacious one? Can’t take that from Kenya either, considering 50 Shades Of Grey and all of that:)

And let’s keep it real, we also know (as viewers) that Ms. Kenya came on the housewives to keep sh*t stirred, prompting NeNe Leakes to file a cease and desist letter against her, as in (keep my name outta your mouth and stop lyin’ on me!) but, whether Kenya is a fire-starter or sh*t starter, take your pick, she is getting paid. Her net worth at last reading was well over $300,000.00.

Kenya Moore could be worth so much more, now that she’s taken her brand of ratchet to The Celebrity Apprentice where she is actin’ “sooo mean and sooo nasty” and so ugly, devious , conning , conniving and well, just ratchet! And the g-mogul have to call it like she sees it, y’all- Kenya Moore appears to lie like a rug!

So, how many of y’all think Kenya Moore stole Vivica Fox’s phone and is she more ratchet than Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? Now, we know that Glanville can be quite ratchet too. Just sayin’

How many folks feel that she might be finding herself becoming famous by being infamous? Do you think Vivica Fox was dead on in her assessment of Kenya? Do you think that Kenya’s brown-nosing Donald Trump and his family was a bit much? What?!:)

Let’s take another look into the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, shall we?

A Clip of Wendy Williams Celebrating Her 1000th Show!

Hello, my peeps! Yes, chile, Wendy Williams did this on Friday and whatcha wanna bet your g-mogul got the video? :) Wendy William came out to the warm reception from her audience, dressed in a black cat/ jumpsuit that was glittering in diamond and golden shimmer. After greeting her equally dapper audience of men and women who followed instruction from the show and who looked good in their dressed to impress beautiful gowns (women) and black tie (men).

The queen of talk, then sashayed on over to the stage, where she sat in one of those Egyptian throne/chairs (Queen Of The Nile) decked out in diamond and red. In a word, the talk show host was on fire!

Being ever humbled for her great fortune, Wendy Williams took time to thanks her audience and her staff for their support and for making the show such a success- ahhh :) The "Say it like you mean it" host's special guests were former American Idol alum, Randy Jackson ( loved the shoe cam, Randy!) and The Whispers, who sang two of their classics. You'll see it all on the video.

Technically, this was Wendy's 999th episode due to the big New York blizzard that didn't happen, but that's a small blip in the show's celebration. So, go and enjoy the show and like all g-moguls, "Say it like you mean it", but with class and truth. Just sayin'

Treat yourself special-

Jennifer Lopez In The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat!”

Happy Wednesday, g-moguls! So, it was a toss-up with the teas today. I mean the g-mogul could rehash on President Obama’s State Of The Union Address from last night, but to regurgitate on the obvious disrespect from some members of the Republican Party, who clapped in enthusiasm when he stated that he had no more campaigns to run. Not to be belittled, President Barack retorted, “I know cause I won both of them” and people that line is now trending on Twitter! just sayin’.

Anyho, today’s post is one of informative fun :)

So,what can be more fun and entertaining than watching Jennifer Lopez in The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat” today? People, JLo was really enjoying herself as she spilled teas on everything from her exes, to her male co-stars best and worst kisser to the one guy she won’t comment about hooking up with again after their public breakup. Okay, don’t be speculating just watch the video.

Okay, now, share your thoughts on the blog by ans this burning question: Who apparently was JLo's love that got away?


Who Really Stole The Show At The Golden Globes?

thtina fey

Happy New Year, my peeps! I’m back with the first post of the new year 2015. We have a lot of ground to cover. I have so much to say, but today it’s all about the Golden Globes and why the g-mogul have to dish on what made an impression and why she thinks every news commentator and critic out there got it wrong with their predictions on just who dominated the 72nd Golden Globes.

First, a mogul’s brief recap: All eyes were on George Clooney, of course, and new bride, Amal Alamuddin. The hosts of the globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler even roasted the couple for several minutes in their monologue. Amal was named one of the best dressed in her black Dior.

They make a cool couple and perhaps the newlyweds to watch, but they definitely didn’t make my day,err night. just sayin’. Then there was Jennifer Lopez who stepped out in a dress that almost had its own Janet Jackson nipple malfunction reportedly the tape holding everything in place pulled a bit and exposed more skin, causing speculation from everyone, including the attention of her co presenter, the newly separated and allegedly headed for divorce, Jeremy Renner, who presented with Jennifer Lopez and referred to her cleavage when he quipped “you are holding the globes too.” Could you see the ‘sexual tension?” Not to worry, it takes a trained eye.


There were plenty of memorable moments like when Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin won her award for best actress in a television series, comedy or series. She cried, while recalling something her mama’s advice. Hooray for the advice of mammas! Okay, moving along. Michael Keaton, my fav Batman ever, won for best actor in a motion picture or comedy and got teary-eyed talking about his best friend his son, Sean…Ahhhhh. Billy Bob Thornton opting not to speak in accepting his golden globe for Fargo was also a great moment that didn’t happen.

The greatest moment of the night, actually happened during the Golden Globes Arrival Show when Common and John Legend sang their award-winning song “Glory” for their musical collaboration on the movie “SELMA.” And the person who stole the Golden Globes you ask?

72nd Annual Golden Gl_Schu(157)

If you guessed the Purple Prince, then you are truly of the tea persuasion:) Prince appearance on the globes was one moment in time when time actually stood still, people. Even the stars were “star-struck.” Prince came to present the golden globe for best song to Common and John Legend. He was the star and he made the 72nd Golden Globes, Glow. I must say, Common’s speech was one memorable moment as well and his emotional attribution to Selma’s awakening his humanity was a Kodak moment for the history books.

It takes a lot for the g-mogul to watch an awards red carpet show. The glitz and glamor doesn’t impress this girl. But, for the sake of the teas, she sacrifice. And Prince just put it over the top and made it worth staying awake for. I mean, Wendy Williams said it best:


“When Prince is in the building everyone falls into a 5-year-old girl!”

Okay, so I’m a Prince fan and if y’all want me to be your fan, just hit me up with everything musical by Prince:)

Always treat yourself special…

K-Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?”

Hello my peeps! Well, I woke up this morning singing “There’s an army ris-ing up. There’s an army ris-ing up. Break every chain..break every chain.” Okay, so y’all know there’s a power in the name of Jesus and that’s all I’m just sayin.':)

I know it’s strange that I sang this song, considering I’m about to diss the ‘teas’ on former Love & Hip Hop reality star turned songstress to the people, K-Michelle! I know right? Just goes to show we are multidimensional spiritual being, people!

Anyho, so, K-Michelle hit Wendy Williams couch not so long ago to talk about her new album, the men and her life, including the on who got away and took to the Wendy stage to sang the song in dude’s honor. Now Ibris Alba why you wanna go and mess with K- Michelle like that? Just sayin. “Love oh love, why you wanna go away and leave her here to cry or sing about your butt”:)

Okay, it's dope, right? k-Michelle spills the teas leading up to Maybe I should callon her new album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart' and why she had to move on after 8 months with the handsome actor. Seems Ibris was a new daddy; like brand new.

Allegedly and according to K Michelle, she knew about the pregnancy of said other woman and dated him anyway because 'the sparks just flew' between them when they met at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Well, apparently it wasn't all gravy because K. Michelle tells Wendy that she's nobody side chick. Breakups are painful, but the talented diva is riding high with her own reality TV show called what else but, K-Michelle? and with a great album out and a beautiful couple of songs on there (what I've heard so far) and she's still got game.

One word fellas. Be your best true self dating K-Michelle, because you might see yourself on blast in lyrics of a song take from real life. Y'all know K- Michelle's album is based upon real life experiences, sort of like how Tyler Swift gets her revenge.


And Happy Holidays to each and every one of y'all. The g-mogul is on a holiday break until January 2015!
"Always treat yourself special."