Great Movie Classics To Remember


Hello peeps. After nearly two months, I’m back! I’m writing this in my bedroom while watching Sandpiper, on TCM or Turner Classic Movies. I’m catching up with one of the greatest love couples in movie making history, besides Hollywood legends, Ruby Dee & hubby Ozzie Davis, of course, comes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Elizabeth had a ‘thang’ for Richard and he apparently had a ‘thang’ for her. It’s all evident in their on-screen chemistry. Not to mention all of those sparkling jewels Richard gave her over the years.

So, hope y’all had a great holiday break. I felt great, got a few things done, including putting the finishing touches to my motivational book for women. The book is currently at the publishers. If you want to some for ‘real’ tea about the g-mogul go here to pick up my e-story~ I also celebrated another ‘born’ day. I’m in good company with the winter birthdays. Hey Oprah, Martin and daddy! I spent in a little time with those pesky housewives, as well. NENE’s return to RHOA wasn’t anything to shout about, so I didn’t. And how many of you missed Claudia? Ok, then…

Those reality Kardashians aren’t going anywhere soon, apparently, since they are all about the Benjamins and the paparazzi and they know how to turn a story into about a billion dollar bucks. The sister’s Apps became moneymakers, their tweets, Instagram photos and drama switching love interests are all over. Khloe even moved estranged hubby Lamar Odom into her Calabasas neighborhood, wrote a book (ghostwriter perhaps?) and has her own show, ‘Kocktales With Khloe’ and spilled the tea that no one in the family drinks more than momager, Kris (yawn)

Aside: If I talked to my mama the way those daughters talk to Kris, LIKE, Honor thy father and thy mother…

Sad day about Natalie Cole and David Bowie passing~ truly classic!

Okay, back to Turner Movie Classics, y’all know, back when movies were golden and folks could appreciate for real acting from stars who loved their craft. I have to say, it’s taken me years to watch, but I have a recommendation for all y’all movie buffs. If you want to see some great acting, be sure to catch “A Woman Under The Influence”, starring Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk and written and directed by Rowlands husband, John Cassavetes. It’s about a mentally ill wife and mother of three small children, whose husband played by Falk, friends, parents and small children, views her illness in different ways. It was especially touching to see how protective of their mother, the little children were…

Reportedly,Cassavetes had such a limited budget in making the film, he cast Gena Rowland’s real mom to play her mother and cast his mom as Peter Falk’s meddling mother. I loved this film and the cast of suburb actors.

Other great classics:
The VIPS- Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? Taylor & Burton

The Sandpiper- Taylor & Burton

If you like classic movies, share in the comments your the tea on some of your favorites of all time:)



New Listening Music For Your Holidays

What’s up December? Just chilling y’all:) No teas today, people. She’s got something much better and quite appropriate for the holidays. I wanted to introduce y’all to some beautiful music sent to my Twitter by Alexander Ernest, who by the way has his own music channel.

Y’all have a listen and give the young man a shout-out. Better yet, somebody sign him to your label. Just sayin’

See all you g-moguls and trend followers in January, 2016!

Have a blasting good “HO~ HO~ HO~ Merry Christmas!”

How Celebs Are Staying Relevant In Hollywood~

"It's getting hot out there and I ain't talking about celebs getting divorced or posing in the nude.That's old news people! The thirst is real as the hunger for relevancy becomes the new black out there in the world of Hollywood gone Hollyweird."

Good Morning my fellow g-moguls! You guys are making me sit down to write something cause y'all are blowing up my site and I sort of feel bad that I've been ignoring your patronage:( Anyhew, forgive my lack of 'tea' transgressions and I'm going to do better. Y'all know the teas are monthly now, but I'm going to try to post earlier. It seems celebrities out there in Hollyweird have reached an all time low with their tea spilling antics toward each other. I mean look how Cynthia dissed her cheating (allegedly)husband Peter on RHOA when her sister, Mallory asked if she was still attracted to ole boy, " even with his clothes off."

Now, I don't know about y'all, but if I was in front of the cameras and asked that question, even if I thought my man's body was something 'ug'ly, I would have saved face (mine & his) put on a big ole smile and answered, "Are you kidding me right now, gurl?! "Of course, I love me some Peter. Right down to his sagging belly button!". Just saying:)
Instead Cynthia response was a resounding , "No."

Now, y'all got to be savvy g-mogul when it comes to counting the ways these celebrities are striving for relevancy. Cynthia and Peter's story-line comes into play when I hear her diss him on national television. But, then a woman scorned and all of that. And Cynthia was filmed celebrating her birthday on board that 'below deck' cruise line with just her daughter and Claudia in attendance. So, where there's shade, there's bound to be repercussions.. And speaking of shade?

Ms. Vivica A Fox! Gurl, like gurl, what were you thinking?! Chile did Andy Cohen of (Watch What's Happening Live) put a little too much vodka in yours?

Didn't you learn a long time back that you don't go throwing shade and spilling sexual secrets that could stump a man's ego?!or expose his fetishes?! :) And didn't you know he would clap back?! The brother is from the streets where he knows how to play the game a darn sight uglier that an actress some hint at is trying a bit too hard to stay relevant. The story goes that Vivica was showing support to her new gig over at Fox's "Empire" for supposedly 50 cent support of an article indicating that the show was losing viewers because of too much "gay stuff" characterizations. And it seems 50 is till feeling some sort of way. Saying in a recent interview he thought his ex (Vivica) was desperate. Anyhew, reportedly, the rapper deleted his support of the piece denouncing gay characters.

Streets Of Blood 2008


It's all one big mess of celebrity hating on celebrity mess, if you ask me. Now Caitlyn Jenner got somewhat of a cool down reception from transgender protesters when she appeared in the Windy City to speak at a LGBT charity luncheon. Jenner attempt to speak to the protesters didn't fare so well, calling the former Olympian a disgrace to the trans people and felt like they had been violated because of her advocacy that didn't include the rich and famous demographic.

There's just too much going on in Hollyweird and it just keeps getting weirder. I mean when Whoopi Goldberg's daughter gets a reality show, y'all know the thirst is real! What?! Y'all know for yourself that some folks are just famous for being in the company of fame. Just sayin'

‘Supernatural’ Sneak Peek Plus Teas From The Fan Files

Alrighty then! So what was I doing October 7th at 8pm that I miss the return of those Winchester boys? I know exactly what I was doing…watching Big Ang tear down her hubby for being jobless on Celebrity Rehab:) Imagine the g-mogul’s disappointment when she forgot the premiere of Supernatural where Sam and Dean find themselves Out of the Darkness and Into The Fire. CRAP! just sayin’
Anyhew, not to be bested by missing out on a fav show that’s still in the running after 10 years,I managed to view the full episode online. This clip is a sneak peek for y’all.

Y’all Millennials already know about APPS you can download to your Iphone or PC, but, for baby-boomers like myself, I searched until I found their website of SUPERNATURAL Full episodes and sat through boring commercials until anotherepisode played.

Speaking of favorite shows, I know I was not going to miss Sleepy Hollow’s Crane and Ms Mills or “lieutenant” Mills, although Abbie is now ‘Agent’ Mills; a FBI agent whose new boss turns out to be Lance Gross, the’House of Payne’ actor who dated and broke up with former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner Eva Marcille in 2010. Now the actor is married and have a baby. Although the show is pushing Gross character as a romantic interest for Abbie, the g-mogul didn’t feel that much-needed chemistry. It has to be Abbie and Crane at some point, otherwise, what’s the use? Although it looks like lil sis Jenny might be getting mesmerized by the son of the late Sheriff Corbin.

My burning questions:

Where is the Captain hiding ‘undercover’? And what happened to GRIMM? (sic) It’s all a mystery I tell you!

– Which brings me back to Dean and the woman in the darkness that Sam never saw. seems the she-devil only had dark eyes for Dean and she saved him for a reason? Remains to be seen I fear. So, I won’t be watching Scandal cause she and fitts is boring as hell is hot. Now that Jake make things interesting.

Flash has another ‘Flash’ to deal with and Arrow is confusing me to no end. Vampire Diaries Stefan and Caroline should just suck blood; Damon and Bonnie would make a hot couple and constantly sharing dear diary news with a dead Elena gives me a headache. The Originals are still cool…long as Klaus stays bad-ass. Can y’all tell the g-maven is partial to scary?! Yep, luv to see how evil get kicked in the gut-ter:)

Y’all hear about the latest bout the new first family, though? Seems the Kardashians have taken that prestigious title from The President of the United States, yo! But, let’s not get it twisted like Cosmopolitan Magazine, folks…The Kardashians might be the first family of Reality TV and I wish I had their coins, but they are hardly President Barack and Michelle Obama!


Melissa Rivers Throws Shade At Former Fashion Co-Hosts

Happy Wednesday G-moguls! Where does the time go? I could start by rehashing on those brazen, potty-mouth, sexually promiscuous, ratchet folk over at Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but I can’t cause I might throw up in my mouth. I could spill about what celebrities are in the process of getting divorced after Ben and Jen, but that celeb news is never new news and I bore easily. I am gonna diss, err, dish a bit about the VMAs though; Hated it!

Miley Cyrus was over the top obnoxious,at times disrespectful and got what she deserved when Nicki Minaj checked her “boo.”

I have these intuitive eyes/words for Caitlyn Jenner over at E! I Am Cait:

Watch out for the thicker than thieves (sharks) in your new trans family of friends, Caitlyn… Just like in the heterosexual world, not everyone have your best interest at heart; just theirs.This time it was the car. Next time, it might be a mansion…just sayin’:)

Here’s the spill of interest that gets this maven’s green light post: Dang video won’t load so hit the link, people.

Melissa Rivers is back at the helm of Fashion Police made popular by her late mom, comedian Joan Rivers. Apparently Melissa is feeling some type of way about former co-hosts, Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne-talking about she had to clean house and holding up pieces of red and purple hair lol

Y'all might recall Melissa threw shade at Giuliana Rancic when she made the inappropriate comments about Zendaya's hair and got a well deserved backlash for? Melissa Rivers posted a photo of her mom Joan with the teen after that incident. It's sad when grown folk show their true colors (no pun intended) and then half ass apologize for it. "Bye Felicia!"

Monday Fashion Police returned with new guest co hosts, NeNe Leakes and Margaret Cho. Ms. Cho gave it back to Giuliana when talking about Miley Cyrus fake locs smelling like patchouli oil and weed. Giuliana could only hide her face but she knows she offended folks, leading many to call her "racist."

NeNe Leakes was still the drama queen and over the top with her diva like fashion critiques. Margaret Cho got a thumbs up overall from critics and viewers.But, NeNe Leakes is trying hard to become the next Joan Rivers of Fashion Police. News flash,NeNe, there's only one Joan like there's only one NeNe. Do you boo. Do you.

Okay, that's a wrap, people. Back to regular folk drama.


Zion Harvey: How A Real Celebrity Looks


Don’t get it twisted people, it’s not always about celebs and their quirky lives or even about their extravagances. I mean, even Nicole Bitchie finally answered to her calling:) On the real, though and y’all might not know this about me, but the g-mogul love children and just want to protect them in all of their innocence!

So,parents, keep your children safe. Stop the dumb sh*t like leaving them in locked cars where they die from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Women with young children, stop putting your new man relationships before the protection of your children! Grow the hell up and stop the insanity.

Just know when y’all go to jail for neglect, I ain’t gonna cry for ya. On the contrary, I’ll be applauding. Just sayin’ Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my rave & rant list…

Today, I jut want to give a shout to my new found celebrity kid by the name of Zion Harvey. Zion lost his legs and arms to infection, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying being a kid:)

8 year old Zion is the first child in the world to get a double hand transplant when he recently underwent a big surgery to attach his new hands. Zion was captured on camera getting love from his mom and telling her that if his new hands didn’t work, he didn’t care because he had his family…now, there’s a real celebrity:) There are so many little Zions in the world, people and it’s time we started paying attention!

Gotta say condolences to the Brown and Houston families for their loss of twenty-two year old Bobbi Kritina. The late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only daughter’s funeral takes place on Saturday in Atlanta.
Condolences also go out to the Brand family for the suspicious death of their daughter Sandra Brand, in a Texas jail cell. Can you say ‘coverup’?

The g-mogul also Just learned about the passing of one of my favorite country singer’s Lynn Andersen, at the age of 67. I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden-

Valerie Harper, diagnosed with brain ca a few year ago, is doing well after collapsing on stage at her performance in Portland, Maine. The gaunt actress admitted to having a tough time remembering her lines in a prior interview, but denied it had anything to do with her cancer.

NeNe Leakes Quits: Reality Housewives Shake Down!


So, NeNe Leakes bids the housewives of Atlanta adieu! Anyhow, happy Tuesday, my tea co-horts. This is the end of June and sadly for some of you drama loving tea moguls, so is the news that NeNe Leakes is leaving the Reality conglomeration that made her a rising celebrity. Ms. Leakes was the last original housewife remaining, having been with the show for 8 years. Y’all know I have a theory:) Just maybe, none of the other wives, except maybe Phaedrea were thrilled to film with the rich “b*tch”, so just maybe she felt pressured to leave the show. And y’all know she was wrong for talking down to the well established therapist, Dr. Jeff. I’m just sayin’


Anyhew, NeNe haven’t left the Bravo family entirely. Remember she and former reality person, Kim Zolciak have that road trip in the works. Reportedly, the newest housewife, Claudia Jordan won’t be back on the show either. We need to give that girl props though, cause she does get around. Apparently a staple on Rickey Smiley Morning Show in Atlanta, Claudia was also on Tiny’s late night show, along with Tamar Braxton where there were whispers about the pair not clicking. Tiny’s late night girl fest, fizzled out rather quickly.Could it be because we the viewers couldn’t understand a thing coming outta their mouths?!

Y’all know by now, doncha, that Brandi Glanville got the boot from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Yep, the mouth got the boot, right alongside her new best buddy, the tortured soul and sister of Kyle Richard, Kim Richards. Did you see that Dr. Phil debacle? Sad, very sad. Now here’s my theory on why Brandi got the boot. When she drank, the truth came out. Not only did she spill the beans about Kyle’s fancy for inhaling weed, she also showed much disrespect to Andy Cohen on the last reunion show.

And now for the main course:) Donald Trump was axed from Celebrity Apprentice because of his apparent racist remarks about Mexicans! NBC will be searching for the next honcho to reside over The Celebrity Apprentice. Wendy Williams cast the net for Howard Stern and Sean Diddy Combs. Who y’all want to see as the next host?
How bout this? Can y’all see Donald Trump as your next president? I’d say, another Lyndon B. Johnson we don’t need. What?! Don’t act like y’all brand new now, hear?

Evelyn Lozada, formerly of Basketball Wives, gets her own reailty show on Oprah’s OWN network, called “Livin Lozado.” Hmmm, maybe Iyanla Vanzant did help her get her life.


Another Basketball alumni, 45 year old Tami Romin is reported to be pregnant. Babies are always a blessing in my neck of the woods, so congratulations to her.

Hey y’all wasn’t Janet Jackson & Smokey Robinson the coooolest at the BET Awards?! Got my vote. (thumbs up)