A Blog Devoted To “T” Stuff

George Clooney 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

Image by nicogenin via Flickr

Hello People! This is an intro to my all time new blog thoughts focused entirely on everything about the “Ts”! with emphasis on Politics, Celebrity, Reality TV, and Movies!!! Yep, this will be the place to be for the latest updates on all of your favorite & not so favorites in the entertainment and political arena…

Keep in mind that this blog is for those folks like myself who are on a need to know about the happenings in tinseltown on every level and then some. In the words of my gossip maven mentor Wendy William’s, “How You Doin?!”

No set posts here folks. You get the in your face meanderings as they occur.

Feel free to visit & add your 2 cents, but, remember Clara54 T blog doesn’t accept comments bordering on hatred, racism and demoralizing content…

George Clooney is such a gentleman, activist and my next love connection…alright, in my head:)


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