The View In Review

Meredith Vieira from Today Show

Image by Diana Beideman via Flickr

So folks might know that I watch the ladies of The View from time to time. I, like many of you have witnessed Meredith Viera tearful departure for a lead anchor spot on The Today Show. Star Jones infamous money grubbing deals before getting the ax, as well as the downfall of none other than Rosie O’Donnell, herself…And well, there’s the other two, Debbie whose name escapes me and Lisa ‘another Oprah’ protege’, yet, all ended up doing their thing and apparently surviving the fallout from The View

Today, viewers got a look back at some of the very things we all witnessed in The View’s 3000th episodes where the women of today, Barbara, Joy, Whoopie, Sherri and Elizabeth recalled their most memorable episodes of The View’s Hot Topic Moments:

Sherri remembers how emotional it was to have finally seen a Black man become president of The United States. She said now she could tell her son that being black didn’t mean you were limited any longer: Limitations, Barack Obama & Politics-gotta love Sherri, who will be getting out the vote ya’ll!

Elizabeth recalls the turmoil of her & Rosie’s battle of words involving DISAGREEMENT over The War in Iraq, Terriorism and Elizabeth’s “Don’t you,Rosie, dare call me a coward!”… A bit embarrassed after the clip was shown, Elizabeth swalloped a lump & insists that she and Rosie have moved on (okay right)

Whoopie got down and dirty when it came to that Race thing. Whoopie make no apologies about how she feel when it comes to race relations in the USA! Especially when use of the “N” word is beeped from the show’s premier  subject- Why beep the word when it’s used in ugly ways by ugly folks being ugly? I feel ya Whoopie. Give the people what they want-truth in daytime-…

Joy sheds light on Sex and Politicians. She ponders why men in politics have  have sex scandals. She thought that the Tiger Woods scandal actually paled in comparison to some of the high profile names in politics who had affairs…Thanks Joy, my sentiments exactly-Men in Politics who cheat cannot be expected to run a countrywith full disclosure…wives would find out!

Barbara Walters is the woman of The View. Close to 80, there abouts, the woman has staying power, that’s for sure. Been there, done that and still keep right on adding fuel to the ladies fire from a place at the head of the table. Ms. Walters was, like all of us, taken aback and shocked by 911 and the horrific events that occurred.

It was 6 days after the bombing of The Twin Towers before The View was seen in its entirety by viewers and a handful of studio audiences…

The View In Review…

Here,it’s all about the “Ts”as my mentor in gossip, Wendy Williams asks “How You Doin?”    


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