Tonight’s Celebrity Update…

Aretha Franklin

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Okay, Ted Williams aka former homeless man, is now a celebrity. Ted is so popular with that mega voice of his that even Oprah failed to get him for a gig on her OWN cable show. Ted is so in demand that he’s talking about having Terrance Howard play him in an upcoming movie about his life…He jokingly stated President Barack Obama/post White House could be in the running ! Now, don’t go getting the big head, Ted.

Contrary to popular belief, John Edwards is saying that he did not propose marriage to his mistress just 3 weeks after the death of his wife! Now, people are saying that the former Senator introduced his kids to the mother of his love child & she told them to call her mom!

Wendy Williams will get to have a telephone conversation with the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin on her Wednesday Show. Aretha will let her fans know how she’s doing after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and spending time in the hospital. We’re rooting for you Aretha & viewers can hit me up with your Aretha thoughts after the show.

Britney Spears new album drops in March.

Raven Symone lost plenty of weight and folks are curious as to how she did it…looking good Raven.

Is Piers Morgan annoyed by Madonna?

Do you think Jennifer Hudson is too skinny?

Did Roseanne Barr really sleep with George Clooney back in the day?

Inquiring minds truly want to know:)

Okay, curious ones, until the nest juicy tidbit…

Wait a minute!

Vampire Diaries & Supernatural returns to the WB on January 27th with all new shows…sadly, Undercovers with Boris Kodjoe didn’t fare so well…Never you mind, Boris & wife, Nicole Ari Parker are smoking up an upcoming magazine cover shoot! 


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