Today In Chicago Politics…

senator kwame Raoul, Illinois

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As promised at clara54’s “T” blog, there will be political updates from the Chicago corner of my world from time to time . Illinois is blanketed in snow right now,with parts of Indiana engulfed as well, mostly the lake effects from the winds blowing the onslaught onto expressways, hindering driving conditions-  so be advised of the danger people and don’t talk on your cellphones!

The big political news from Springfield, Illinois is The House & The Senate coming together to repeal Illinois’s death penalty. The vote to end the death penalty was 35 to 25 and spearheaded by Senator Kwame Raoul, who left the house afterwards to return to his office in an emotional/contemplative frame of mind. Reportedly, the debate was noted to be fair amongst both Democratic & Republican members of the House and Senate…

Presently there are 15 inmates on death row. The next item on the books for debate? An Illinois Income Tax Increase!  Former Governor George Ryan was denied bail again. His wife is hospitalized & reportedly near death. Ryan was allowed to visit her secretly for 2 hours before heading back to jail in early January.  

FYI: Chicago is known for its Football, Pizza and Politics…And now  the ” Ts”!!  Okay gossip moguls if you got juicy tidbits to report , don’t be shy, hit me up-contributions are welcomed…


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