Free Chubby Checker Tickets!

Chubby Checker - 2005

Image via Wikipedia

Okay, so a friend & I go out to celebrate our birthdays last night and we score these free Chubby Checker In Concert tickets! I know the tweens are going, “Who?” but for those of you with a bit of disco party experience under your girth, you know what I’m saying!

It was fun to go out and see what the two of us could accomplish by playing up our birthdays and not only did we score free concert tickets, but, free complimentary birthday dinners as well…all in all, being gutsy, middle- aged and bargain savvy isn’t a baaad thing, just didn’t score a George Clooney sightings! I know George, you’re on a mission advocating for Sudan Democracy/freedoms/right to life and you did make a promise to a little Sudanese girl, “you’d be back!” Ah shucks…

Okay, so back to Chubby Checker and those free tickets? Clara54’s “t’ blog will be paying it forward and giving them away! On one condition, you have to live in the Chicago/Indiana area and be willing to write a review of your experience for my readers @clara54’s “t” blog…seems fair?

Okay, your know how to connect with me before 1/21/11…Oh, you can wish me a happy BD while you’re smoozing  yea? Let’s Twist!


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