E Live Countdown To “Golden Globes” Fashion

Golden Globe Awards

Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

Everyone knows tonight is Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards. Suffice it to say, there will be plenty of “ts” about celebrity, on and off the red carpet. On E’s Fashion Police Countdown, the word is all about celebrity fashion, as in what’s hot, what’s not, and who wore it better! I’m tired already. Let’s take a peek at what matters in fashion per E live insights:

1.Color- It’s all about the reds, hot pinks, and sparkle

2.Hair- People are loving the Black Swan persona, so look for numerous swan hairdos. The swan “bun” hair worn by Natalie Portman in Black Swan, is seeingly contagious.A look to trendy red carpet fashion statement.

3. Shoes-The most gorgeous dress by the most famous designer in the world would falter on the red carpet if it’s not paired with a pair of “to die” for shoes. Shoes to avoid on the red carpet, according to E’s fashion police? Platform shoes. Want to elongate your physique? Try Red shoes. Red pops on the Red Carpet!

The new trend on the Red Carpet is the baby bump, as in pregnant celebrities !

Okay, the show is about to start…more “Ts” as they unfold

Are you watching The Golden Globes? Prove it? What’s The GlamCam?


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