Emerald City Fashionistas Dominated The Golden Globes

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Angelina Jolie sparkled at the 68TH Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, but, so did  Catherine Zeta Jones and a few other celebrities adorned in emeralds-dresses that is!

The fashions far outshined the great shoes and hairdo’s of Hollywood’s glamor and glitz last night. Only one “swan do” stood out and that belonged to pixie styled Jennifer Love Hewitt. She wore her hair in the swan persona quite well. Natalie Portman, the Black Swan best actress winner, seemed more intent upon exposing her true love to the Hollywood elite moreso than to her big win-pregnant women get all mushy when nearing their due date. But, that’s just me.

Anyhoo, the glamour of the Red Carpet wasn’t all it was cracked up to be once insider viewers got a taste of the show’s host, telling those ill fated  star humor jokes that sorta fell flat. The british accent scored big, so I guess a second stint hosting the Globes wasn’t so bad for Ricky Gervais the comedian, turned actor, turned a lot of stars off, after all:)

Robert Downey Jr. gets my man vote of the year at the Globes. He delivered his speech to the women up for best supporting actress in a comedy just perfecto…His sexy monologue had all of the contenders blushing & perhaps a few of their male c0-stars… Come back Robert next year, won’t ya ole boy?

Two oldsters, but goodfellas back in the days of the mob families era in movie & television trilogy, Robert De Niro & Al Pacino graced the stage with their presence. Okay audience & viewers at home, were you thinking what I was thinking? Sylvester Stallone is still Rocky, though!

But, those green and gorgeous dresses! ” Nothing compares, nothing compares to you.” Keep it here for the “Ts” like you’ve never read em before!!

Question? Did Ryan Seaquest become so annoying, probing into Michael Douglas’s personal cancer battle?

“Hate cannot drive out hate,only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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