Southtown’s Regina King Comes Clean…

Malcolm-Jamal Warner at National Black Theater...

Image via Wikipedia

Ms King graces the February cover of Essence Magazine looking bronze and gorgeous. It’s hard to think of her a Marla Gibbs daughter, Brenda, back in the days of 227! Regina is a mom of a teen son, an outspoken advocate about race in Hollywood and the female lead in TNT’s Southtown, playing an in-your- face streetwise police detective.

What the whispers have been about of late though, not to slight any of Regina’s stellar accomplishments, inclusive of the NAACP Image awards for Ray, the movie starring Jamie Foxx in his breakout performance playing the blind, musical genius. The thing that most people want to know about is her three year, quietly kept romantic relationship with the sexy hunk of burning love: Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

When Essence asks the newly 40 year old star what the attraction was, she replied in part,” isn’t it obvious!?”  Well, of course, Ms. King, looking at Mr. Warner, it’s sooo obvious.  Now, he’ come a looong way since those Theo days on The Cosby Show!

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of Essence’s February issue, run to the nearest newsstand to get the “t” on Regina. Btw, did you hear? Anne Hathaway is picked to be the next Cat Woman. My question to you guys…

Who makes the better looking Catwoman?

1.Michele Phifer

2.Halle Berry

3. Anne Hathaway?


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