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Elizabeth Hasselbeck broke the news on The View today that Sherri Sheperd asked her to be a bridesmaid at Sherri’s upcoming wedding nuptials. Feigning hurt feeling, Barbara Walters admitted to the viewers that she is giving Sherri a Bachelorette party, so why isn’t she the bridesmaid?

Seemingly, this wasn’t a serious question from Ms. Walters, just a bit of ribbing at the expense of the engaged Sherri. The conversation quickly turned to other matters as the morning hot topics are prone to do. Meanwhile over at Wendy Williams

Wendy,  all ya’ll know from reading my “t” blog, is my gossip guru/mongul/go-to-diva when it comes to” all about the t’s”. Anyhoo, Wendy admittedly gets a lot of her juice for the show from US Magazine, Radar Online and oh, yea, The National Inquirer. I remember reading The Inquirer back in the day and I never actually believed the stuff I was reading, but, Wendy “How you Doin?!” does… so, reportedly Charlie Sheen has gone & hired another hooker for his entertainment (not that the other one defined herself as such)

The interesting tidbit from Wendy’s camp wasn’t about Charlie, the good time guy/celebrity so much. It wasn’t even about Christina’s behaviour at a party she supposedly crashed with her 22 year old flavor of the month/year, maybe. No, the juicy-juice that I found a bitter pill to swallow? Halle Berry allegedly fighting with her ex, Gabrielle Aubry over custody of their beautiful daughter… then, this:

The catfights on The Celebrity Apprentice between Star Jones & Lisa Rinna and Star Jones & Ne/Ne of The Housewives of Atlanta-shock-ing! or, should that be socking, as reportedly was the case with the latter?

Wendy put forth this question? In a knock down, drag out fight, Who do you think would win NeNe or Star?

holla back’


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