Oprah’s Big Aussie Adventure DownUnder!


Image by nettsu via Flickr

Okay people, can you say “Howdy Mates?!” Or, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie?!” Well, if you can, then it’s all gravy because that’s about as far as many of us are going to get to actually living Oprah’s big Aussie adventure downunder in Sydney Australia. Remember Oprah’s big September show giveaway of 2010, when she gave her guests a trip to Australia?  “We’re going to Australia!” We’re going to Australia!” Yep, that’s the one.

We get to see Oprah, lucky audience members, crew and special guests take Australia in a 2 part Oprah finale that begun on 1/20/11. Jay-Z was there to the delight of a school for underpriviledged boys and their teacher who profiled the Rapper in a letter to Oprah…That was a blast, Jay-Z! Those boys were happy recipients of Computers, updated musical instruments and J-Z inspiration.

Seeing The Crocodile Hunter’s family was emotional  as they took to the stage to further eulogize and remember the legacy of husband & father; the late Steve Erwin was killed by a stingray while filming a documentary.12 year old Bendi proudly draped a python around her neck in honor of her dad’s life’s work with animals…

The sights, scenes & welcoming people of Australia had Mz Oprah screaming out how much she loved Australia! I suppose we’d love it too, just as much if we’d got the opportunity to go downunder,eh?

Okay readers, your assignment? Watch the 2nd installment of Oprah’s big Aussie adventure and tell us…We’ll be waiting to hear your “T” REPORT!  


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