Green Bay Packers Headed To Superbowl

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The Chicago Bears didn’t quite cut it today, losing their chance to play in the Superbowl February 6th…Well, life goes on and so The Packers are jubilant as they head for the biggest deal of their lives; Winning the Superbowl! That big dude, B. J.Raji helped to make this a possibility, scoring for his team with 4:43 left in the game…Go B.J! Just Sayin’ …Can we talk some ‘Ts’ please?

What’s up with the SISTAH quabbles on The Housewives of Beverly Hills? I mean Kyle & Kim are sisters and they bicker between themselves so much, they make the show! At the season’s finale, we’re told that Kyle and Kim hadn’t spoken for a while after the fight scene in the Limo…

Kim did check herself briefly (very briefly from reports) into a detox center, for her alleged alcohol abuse,only to check herself out and is reportedly working on herself while the children of both sisters are working to reunite the two women-Kim you were so sweet in those Disney Movies.

Kyle accuses Kim of not ever having her back? Well, didn’t we get to see Kim stand in for Kyle’s daughter college graduation when the other sister with the Hilton daughters was a no show? Kim was front & center for Kyle, while Kathy sent a huge check and telephone message…

Kim, however, does seem a bit anxious and co-dependent upon her sister and Kyle did say their mom took care of Kim and left Kim on her (Kyle) when she passed. Kyle admitted being resentful of this predictament. Kim accuses Kyle of taking her house! Kyle calls Kim an alcoholic! TMI ladies, even for a Reality Show.

Okay, kiss and make nice as sisters are prone to do you guys, so your viewers can get their “t” on…

Back at ya!

BTW- Gotta love our Bears, losing at 21/14, they did it with heart…


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