Monday Morning “T” Tease!

Cover of "A Family Thing"

Cover of A Family Thing

So I’m leaving you with this Monday tease because I’ll be dishing about it later tonight… Now ya know Oprah has a big secret reveal on her 9 am show today:

Hint- It’s a family thing! Ok, tune in to watch what was so shocking for Oprah to learn about for our post op thoughts.

What did Holly Madison really think about Hugh Hefner’s engagement to a 24 year old? Remember Holly & Hef were exclusive for 7 years. At 32, she must be thinking “Why wasn’t I the one?” Now you all might not know this, but since I’m a bonified member of Wendy Williams Fan Club, I could spill the beans now but, tune in to a day of hot topics over at Wendy’s & we’ll dish about Holly here, later.

This next “t” teaser could warrant a page unto itself because it’s all about business-Family Business that is! Brandy & Ray J‘s mom, Sonya doesn’t like the way business is being handled in her camp and she’s pi$$e!d…

That’s your brain tease from clara54’s T gossip. Stay tuned!


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