An Oprah Fact, Holly’s Pain and Sonya’s Threat

According to Keirsey, Oprah Winfrey may be a T...

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So this morning I left you guys and fellow gossip moguls with a few teasers to wet your anticipation whistles. Those of you who watched Oprah‘s big secret reveal this morning might care to know the AM scoop from clara54’s t blog was spot on as well! It was & is a family affair as stated, correct?

Oprah Winfrey has a sister.She admitted having known the shocking info for months before deciding with her now extended family how best to handle the situation…Aw shucks. If you want to read more, go to my column @ blogher under foxyc (yea, I do write for other venues, you insatiable people) 

Okay, Holly Madison was quite winded after learning from her pals that Hef was engaged at the time of her show’s return on E…Apparently, the engagement hit Twitter & her girl learned of the news. Holly had returned to Vegas after vacation. She gained a few pounds and learned her assistant nailed it as her stand in while she was away.

Add to this, Holly’s 32nd birthday loomed and a younger Vegas competitor on the scene made her intentions clear; To become the new “it” Vegas girl…Holly has a lot on her plate. Girl you just breathe. Hef is old. Rich, but, old. Okay, old and rich…and getting hitched again,

Brandy & Ray J‘s manager mom is feeling threatened by their cousin, Ryan. Apparently Sonya thinks Ryan is trying to cut her out of all of the important business decision making. Somehow, she accuses Ryan of flipping the switch by having all of her emails go straight to him. Those important contacts includes Lawyers and music moguls that could threaten her children livelihood. Sonya is fierce. A warrior when it comes to protecting her kids.

Can you blame this mama bear? But, then, Sonya needs to learn to work with trusted people in her business who have proven themselves worthy! But, keep that lawyer stuff privvy info, Sonya, sho ya right!


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