The Oscars Best Picture Goes To…

31st Academy Awards Presentations, Pantages Th...

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The Academy Awards nominations have been announced! What sets this years nominees in the Best Picture category apart from those in the past, is the fact that there are 10 nominees, count em, my fellow gossip monguls… TEN! The actress & actor catagory, we’ll leave for another site. I prefer to get to the juice of what makes The Academy… Let us proceed with the Best Picture nominations, then, shall we? In no particular order:

1. The King’s Speech

2. Inception

3. Kids Are All Right

4. Black Swan

5. Winter’s Bone

6. True Grit

7. 127 Hours

8. Toy Story 3

9. The Fighter

10. The Social Network

There you have it. Which one will reign supreme come February 27th? I’d wager a bet that True Grit will win out over the 11 nominated favorite, The King’s Speech. Why bet against a supposedly good thing? Cause at clara54 “T” Blog, that’s how I roll!

 “T” at ya later.


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