Highlights FromThe Chicago Mayoral Debate

HistoryMakers - Carol Moseley Braun

Image by jeremy.wilburn via Flickr

Rham Emanuel is back on the Chicago ballot for Mayoral candidate! Tongiht on Channel 9/WGN the four mayoral candidates includes Rham Emmanuel, Carol Mosley Braun, Gery Chico and  Miguel Del Valle. The roundtable fielded questions about Emanuel’s residency, sales tax for the working class, Illinois infrastructure, high school and colleges dropout rate, public education, selective enrollments and ways to increase choices for better performing schools, as in Charter schools.

Frankly, all of this political rhetoric is exhausting. I do agree that every child should get a quality education, no matter where they live… “No child left behind.” The last minute of the debate, we were give  the candidates “stump” speech…Although responses are not given to you guys verbatim, this is essentially what the candidates were telling the voters:

Rham:: You can’t continue to do what we’ve been doing to get the job done. There must be change.

Gery: It won’t get done by wishful thinking, it takes planning. We need to put budgets back into play. Make sure family stay in the city by providing good jobs, schools, etc.

Braun: I love this city. I want to make certain we live in a city that makes us proud & bring us together to work through these problems.I want to bring the experience I have to solve these problems & issues.

Valle: Chicago is ready for reform. Reform that’s going to see to it that we lift the oppressive cloud hanging over the city. I am the only candidate that has been elected citywide. I’m the person to vote for if they want world class inprovements…


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