Weekend Gossip Roundup @ Clara54’s “T” Blog

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So I spent the earlier part of the week stalking the “T’ MOGULS, you know the hot spots for all of the hot topics! Anyhoo, wasn’t much fire over at the ladies of The View roundtable, but, here’s what I could skim off :

Bristol Palin wants her baby’s daddy, Levi, to give up all of his parental rights. If Levi act accordingly, he won’t have him pay child support.

Steve Harvey‘s 1st wife, Mary made a Youtube video, blasting her ex. She states he should be the last person to dish out relationship advice. It seems Steve as alleged by Mary, cheated on her with his current wife Marjorie. Tsk, Tsk, Steve…Mary’s new book, questioning why should women think like a man, will undoubtedly become a bestseller. Look’s like you got competition  Steve Harvey! 

Carrie Fisher has become the new face of Jenny Craig. Good deal that one. This stuff is tamed compared to what Wendy Williams was dishing up. Listen to this:

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee was Wendy’s hot topic. She spilled on Jesse James apparently cheating on his marriage with her, while his wife was away filming a movie. Michelle apologized to Sandra Bullock for adding to her pain. She then had this to say to Jesse’s new fiance: ” Kat, run for your life. He is a cheater.”

And just so you know how down I am for the “Ts”? I burned my grits trying to get the scope cause that’s how a southern girl roll!

A bit of Reality TV coming up… 


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