Holly And Hef’s Bittersweet Re-Union…

Hugh Hefner with his two girlfriends Kendra Wi...

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Gee whiz, at one time she must have truly loved the old dude:( Watching Holly’s World late night Reality TV, just about brought me to tears. I mean, it’s obvious that Hef is 80-something and just as obvious, that this fact lingered between the former lovebirds when Holly went to the mansion to see for herself how Hugh Hefner was fairing…from my vantage point? Not so well.

 Holly and Hef had something special between them, but, apparently after 7 years, Holly had to move on and Hef? He looks to be regretting his decision not to marry a woman who had his best interest at heart…Not to say a 20- something doesn’t?

In the words/question  formed by former Hef girl, Kendra, “Why do you think he’s marrying her??”…Tune in as the “T” continues because reportedly Holly & Hef’s new lady, Crystal, have been feuding & Hef has words for his former love? Now on:

The Basketball Wives: Shaunie will be treating the women to a trip abroad. Yep, they’re headed to Madrid, Spain without Susie. Seems Shaunie didn’t invite Susie because of what transpired in Vegas…Ya know how what happens in Vegas? Well, apparently, the ladies want what happens in Madrid to stay in Madrid. We do know that tempers flare & curse words abound on this trip as well…Can you say DRAMA?

What Chilli Wants: What Chilli wants is PERFECTION and gurrl that just ain’t happening in the real world. As Steve Harvey (not without his own drama these days) put it to Chilli. “What Chilli wants is too damn much!” Sorry Chilli, but, you need to ease up a bit on the check-list.

Family Business: Mama Bear simmered down a bit when it came to running the family business with Ryan. I suppose at some point, mothers have to lossen the lease on their children and allow them to grow & make decisions. Just sayin’

Okay, T Moguls, that’s enough for now. I’m using the laptop cause main computer is shot to heaven:)

Holla’ back


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