Chicago Blizzard 2011

A Snowy Chicago O'Hare Airport

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

Everywhere in the Midwest, snow storms are rising. Roads are slick & visibility is poor! Folks are asked to stay off the roads if they don’t have to be out! People already working today encouraged to go home early via slow trains and even slower freeway traffic! It is the Blizzard that’s comparable to and perhaps surpasses the ones of 1967 & 1979. So, I was out in it for a minute around 4pm coming from my “day” gig, but, safe and sound outta the eye of the Blizzard and hope the same for all of you!

Reportedly, 1300 flights have been cancelled out of O’Hare Airport. American Airlines flights are cancelled until Thrusday. Schools are closing and Blizzard warnings from the National weather Services out of Springfield, Illinois have winds in excess of 150 miles an hour !!! Folks are told to stay away from Lake Michigan due to the freezing ice & blistering winds.

There are perks for people working in downtown Chicago who doesn’t want to go home tonight, only to try to return to work the next morning: Hotels are offering overnight stays for $99/night.Movies with popcorn, hot chocolate and extended wine services. Downtown Chicagoans can check out The Swiss Hotel and The Allegro for these and other services.

Okay, people, be safe & check on your neighbors & the elderly… More clara54 “ts” coming at ya…


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