Last Minute “T” Updates

Halle Berry 2004 in Hamburg Germany

Image via Wikipedia

The best thing about this gossip blog for you guys is that I post at random here, stuff I’ve just heard, read, or remembered, it’s all about the “ts”…So Lindsay Lohan is being questioned about a stolen necklace totaling around 2,000.00 dollars. Although Lindsay hasn’t been accused of lifting the item, the owner of the piece says it’s his necklace Ms. Lohan was spotted wearing in a photo. This sort of NEGATIVE, Lindsey doesn’t need!

It seems from what we’re hearing, both Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubrey have jealousy issues. Things have gotten downright nasty between the parent of little daughter, Nahla…Text messages & angry outbursts are supposedly flying back & forth. Gabriel threatening to reveal all to the courts, while Halle is heard telling Gabriel “You were only good for one thing. Thanks for the donation. “Remember you are responsible parents, so work it out, people!

Sooo much “t” stuff over at The Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion…just to give you a sampling of what’s to come because there’s just not enough time to give it to ya straight…but, a tease? Lisa is very, very, angry with her former house guest, boy, toy, Cedric… Cedric has left the mansion and according to Ken, the hubby, Cedric told  him, ” I friggin’ hate your wife, you and your kids!”  Now, ya’ll know what he’s really freakin’ said, right?! Never mind, we’ll talk on that in a later post…

Don’t forget to tune in to the new episode of The Vampire Diaries at right about now 7pm on the CW…GOTTA GO!!!!

Holla’ back… 


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