Superbowl,Supermodels, And Wearing Red

Whoopi Goldberg in New York City protesting th...

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Friday’s roundup of gossipitis anyone? Okay then. It ‘s being reported via TMZ  that Gabriel Aubrey angrily tells Halle Berry not to refer to their daughter, Nahla as Black!? Huh?. Kim Kardashian refuses to comment to Extra when asked about her feeling on the whole Gabriel involvement thing, saying only “I’d rather not comment on that.”  

Supermodels on Oprah today spoke on a number of things. I’m just reporting their ages here folks, because that’s about all I found interesting.

Christy Brinkley is 57. Beverly Johnson, 58. Cheryl Teigs,63. Stephanie Seymour, 42 and Elle Macpherson is 47…One of the models thoughts on ageing was particular sobering when she states, “Ageing is a priviledge, not a birthright.”  hmmm

Did you wear your ‘RED’ today? Today marks the Heart Association Go Red For Women Campaign. In efforts to encourage women heart health check. And according to experts, there’s no proven data that aromatheraphy or vitamins prevent Heart Disease, whereas, proper diet and exercise does reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease…

Is Anderson Cooper in hiding with his team over in Cairo? Were they threatened with beheading by Cairo Mobs? Be safe journalists and get the heck outta there & bring that lil ole woman, Mary Thornberry, home as well  you guys been reporting is  nervous about another night in her apartment on the square. Yea, Lester Holt, we saw that!

One post Superbowl party will be hosted by Michael Vick, Quarterback for  The Philly Eagles. Reportedly, Vick hired a swat team as well as prviate security for this post Steelers & Packers game to avoid someone getting shot like his last post Superbowl party…

Any thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg hats worn this week on The View? So they were made for her, I get that. They’re not of the same class as, say, the one worn by Ms. Aretha Franklin!! Just sayin’ And I love you Whoopi, gurl,will be there rooting for ya at the Horseshoe Casino on Feb, 11th. Can I get a media pass or something?

 Just a Holla’


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