SuperBowl 45 @ Half/TIME

Cover of "Dirty Dianna"

Cover of Dirty Dianna

Okay die hard footballers, this one’s for you! It’s Halftime at the game between The Pittsburgh Steelers and The Green Bay Packers! The Packers are ahead of  The Steelers with a 21/10 lead. Although Pittsburgh did make the final touchdown leading into halftime, they will have to step up their game plan if they’re going to make a name for themselves in Arlington, Texas, ya’ll!  

So halftime wasn’t bad for entertainment purposes. The Blackeyed Peas performed with brief appearances by Usher and Slash. Usher in white was another yawn moment for me as I’m not a big fan. Slash, I’m thinking about that dynamic performance of Dirty Diana with the king of pop, Michael Jackson…anyhow, It’s gonna be a good, good night & I mean this literally cause I’m tired and the game is back on!

As promised, lots of great “Ts” about to jump off about The Basketball Wives & their trip to Madrid! Keep it here all of you g-moguls and you won’t be dissapointed! And can you not wait for The Celebrity Apprentice? Star Jones and Atlanta Housewife, NeNe are about to make History of the beat down kind…

PS. Christina Aguilera mucked up singing The National Anthem during preamble to the game.

76 year old Mary Thornberry was evacuated from her apartment under seige in Egypt and is now safe!  

Back to The Game!

LATER: The Packers WON!


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