Monday Super “Ts”

Joan Rivers at Musto's 25th Anniversary.

Image via Wikipedia

Alright, this is like gossip post op meanderings before getting to new gossip. It appears that a lot of people watched the Super Bowl. A total of 111 million to be exact. People even liked Usher’s split. Whatever floats your boat. I just report the “Ts” people. Speaking of…Let up on Christina flubbing The National Anthem. She’s still an American who loves her country:)

Commericals that got the biggest nod during the game was Little 6 yr old Max Page as Darth Vader & Joan River’s Go-Daddy.Co with the body double. Anyhow, Joan played it for all it was worth, telling Wendy Williams audience it was her body, haha… 

The Whispers:

Charlie Sheen will report back to work on two and one half men in 2 weeks.

Simon Cowell will be one of four judges on his new show The X Factor . Auditions to start in California March 27th. No age limit!

Bristol Palin‘s new best friend is Macy, one of the teens on Teen Mom reality tv show.

Before the Super Bowl, Jennifer Aniston had never been to a football game

Melissa Rivers says no to mom Joan Rivers having more plastic surgery. Three doctors turned Joan down when she wanted to have elective surgery on her arm flab…good for the docs. Vanity at your age, Joan!?!

Okay G moguls, less than 10 minutes before my gurl Kathy Bates new show, Harry’s Law. This show is a great pasttime. Kathy Bates I never thought I’d get over your stank attitude in Misery, but I did gurl:)  

Holla’ back…


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