Chicago’s Wicked, Wicked, Weather…

Wesley Snipes

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Did you guys see Wicked yet? If not, you should. Wicked tells how two girls became friends before one of them, unfortunately, became wicked & according to the play; She wasn’t really, wicked that is. Unlike the original Wizard Of Oz. Well, that’s how it is for Chicagoans & this wicked, wicked, bone chilling weather!

Right now, the wind chill factor is 20 below. Weather forcasts predicts a wicked weather advisory-again. This time from the cold, just wicked. Kind of like Charlie Sheen wicked! You know how it is with Charlie? A bad to the bone player, partier & nasty type of good time fellow, but his fans still love him. While dad, Martin Sheen & brother Emilio Estevez, worry and try to coax rehab, Charlie’s fans can hardly wait for his return to two and one half men-WICKED! And…

Bill Maur and Elizabeth Hasselback feud; Wicked

Prince Kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage just because she can’t dance? Wicked!

Bristol Palin writing a memoir…Wicked

Wesley Snipes in jail for tax evasion until 2013 is just so wicked…

NeNe of Housewives of Atlanta telling Wendy Williams on today’s hot topics that she wouldn’t spit on Star Jones if she was on fire? Now people, that is so darn WICKED!

Why is the world so wicked? More “ts” right here when I’m warmer & not feeling so, well… wicked 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Wicked, Wicked, Weather…

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