Top 5 Cities For Romantic Valentine Get-Aways

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Okay this isn’t just about Valentine’s Day cities of love connections here at Clara54’s “T” Blog. You know there’s going to be more of the latest 411’s. So let’s get to it: The 5 top cities for romantic getaways, according to Orbitz.Com is:

a. Las Vegas

 b. Orlando, Florida

 c. Cancun

 d.New York

 e. Chicago, Illinois….Brrrr. Stay warm!

 A very emotional Jennifer Hudson was on Oprah today and she drew a standing ovation after revealing how she’d lost 81 pound on weight watchers. Jennifer also spoke for the first time about her late mom. She told Oprah & audience that she still try to do things that will make her mom proud.

Hear The Dress Buzz  ?

Lindsay Lohan wore a white knit mini dress to court where she was charged with felony grand theft? And the dress is making a splash at all of the stores carrying that designer?

Folks are talking about the blue polka dot dress Mrs. Obama wore on The Today Show? Apparently, the store H&M sells the dress for a reasonable $34.95 and no longer have the navy polka dot dress in stock! How about red, yellow, green or black?

The 2011 Chicago Auto Show is Friday at MCcormick Place. There’s a car giveaway. The news this year is how Social Media is being used by major car companies to let people know about their new cars. Facebook, Twitter, and texts are going out via the Chicago Auto Show… Savvy! 

Is Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump making nice! And why?

So the best night to celebrate Valentine Day this year, according to experts, is Friday & Saturday. On Friday night I’ll be eating a steak dinner and catching Whoopi Goldberg in concert…No worries, there will be note taking cause Whoopi doesn’t take too kindly to camera’s and stuff…just sayin’

Happy Valentines Day to all of the “T” Moguls!


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