Whoopi Goldberg In Concert @ The Venue

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I’m chilling from the power of Whoopi in concert last night at The Venue in Hammond Indiana, inside the warmth of The Horseshoe Casino. I gamble a bit, but, tonight it wasn’t about “show me the money”, rather “where my Whoopi at?” Whoopi did not disappoint. She came to the stage casual in white shirt, jeans and snickers… I’m going to digress a bit and say that Sherri Sheperd was there to support her View co-host as well & was invited upon the stage by Ms. Goldberg. 

 Sherri didn’t utter a word, just gave Whoopi a hug and waved to her fans before leaving Whoopi to command the stage…We’re not mad at you Sherri. It’s all good. Now, to the highlights from Whoopi being, Whoopi!

1. “Who the fu*k idea was it to put a f*cking casino on the f#cking water? It’s fu*king cold out here!”

2.”Ya’ll are fu**king late!I know we’re on cp time, but, what the fu*k?!” Whoopi was vibing on the late comers to the show, but the audience loved it! And there really was an explanation for the tardiness of some folks. The Casino was darn crowded. The show was sold out with folks still coming…It was frigging awesome! 

Whoopi opens the floor to questions from the over zealous crowds:

1. If you were a lesbo, (lesbian) who in your opinion would you sleep with? From a young gay fellow…ans. If I was & I’m not, I’d have to say K.D. LANG because of her singing voice and she’s a good looking woman.

2.Whoopi, you’re a sexy lady, I don’t know why you have to cover yourself up? Clearly you can see it, so I’m not that covered up. Thank you for the compliment. I’d rather folks see my face.

Other revealing T’s from Whoopi in concert:

She refuses to joke about Charlie Sheen & Mel Gibson‘s situation with alcohol & drug abuse because “They’re in deep shit” and it’s not a joking matter.

Sammy Davis Jr. was a good & helpful friend to her early on in her career…Ditto, Whoopi, loved me some Sammy.

Prince didn’t force Kim Kardashian off the stage as reported. Whoopi was there and states that Prince asked Kim to dance, but, wasn’t upset. He just went on to his singer and Kim joined everyone on stage later.

Thinks Rahm Emanuel will do well for the people of Chicago as their mayor. Rham’s brother is, in fact, Whoopi’s agent!!!!!!!!!

Finally, on today’s Whoopi Goldberg in concert report:

Whoopi will be returning to Chicago with a play called White Noise…details pending. For all of your “T” updates, my place is THE place to be…Feel me?


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