Round The Way “Ts”

Most of the Hannah Montana cast of season thre...

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Now, this is really disgusting! The spit coming out of Tiger Wood’s on the gorgeous green at Dubai golfing tournament… Although the embattered golfer did offer up an apology for his lack of decorum, once the deed was done, well, it was “disgusting”…Anyhow, Tiger was fined and that green was so gorgeous! Tiger what were you thinking?!

Billy Ray Cyrus was quoted as having said in an interview with GQ Magazine that “The damn show destroyed my family” in reference to the Hannah Montana Show where he starred alongside his daughter, Miley. Now that Billy Ray is no longer with his wife & children, he’s concerned that Miley might be headed toward the same fate as Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith…Let’s hope that isn’t the case…too sad the outcome.

Stuff is hitting the “nasty” in Chicago Politics amongst the 4 Mayoral candidates. Of course, with nearly 50% of estimated votes from Chicagoans, Rham Emanuel doesn’t seem too hot under the collar these days, not even when Gery Chico initially accepted the Tea Party endorsement (( some 24 hours later, he repealed the endorsement).

Today, however, Rham is pi&&ed at the president of the local union 150 who in his endorsement of Chico, compared Rham Emanuel to a judas (who needs a history lesson, raise your hand?) Anyhow, the political scene here is one of little civility , lots of insinuations and rare apologies…What about the people of Chicago? We’re watching & listening ya’ll!

Quote trivia for today:

“Men never do anything without something in return”… 

Okay, all you “t” moguls, hit me with the answer & I’ll have it on the next post…

See Ya    


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