“A Day Doesn’t Go By Where I Don’t Think About Him”


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Janet Jackson on her memories of Michael. Janet Jackson has written a book. She is on the interview circuit where she talks about highlights from her book, TRUE YOU: A Journey To Finding And Loving Yourself. Janet speaks in interview with HLN on Sunday night. She talks among other things, about her failed marriages(2),her younger years as a Jehovah Witness & her father, Joe…

She never seemed to tire of talking about her love for Michael. She tells how they would have these serious talks. One in particular was when Michael got his first car and the two of them would go buy dinners to feed the hungry. One day Michael told her the world would come to an end. Janet wondered what was the purpose of trying to become an actress. What was the use, she mused? Michael response was that the world would come to an end, but, not necessarily on that particular day! 

The two of them were kindred spirits, according to janet. She still haven’t made herself see ‘This Is It”, what was to be Michael’s comeback tour. She said she’d finally after a year of his death, been able to listen to his music and watch his movies. “‘Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him.”

The HLN INTERVIEW with Rachelle Carey airs again at 10pm tonight. Catch it for insights to Everything Janet Jackson…



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