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Let me just state for the record: I hate old gossip. I mean, don’t you? And for the most part, I try to bring you the breaking news “Ts” as they unfold, sometimes even getting the jump on my sistah mogul, Wendy Williams!! But, there are those days when I’m kept busy doing the weekend gig thing to keep me fed and a roof over my head, which plays out like this: Bringing you a bit of week ending gossip. So first up!

That lil teaser quote in an earlier post I left ya’ll with? “Men never do anything without something in return” was Steve Harvey speaking on friday’s The View. How  many of you gossip folk out there got it right?

Who caught Janet Jackson interview at HLN last night? Read my post to find out some of the “t” highlights & tune in to HLN listing for repeat interviews. Janet was telling sweet stories about her big brother Michael, amongst other tales.

So Shaunie took her girls to Madrid for fashion week right? Well, Shounie & the rest of her crew appeared to be dissing on Royce because she was sick & not quite up to their ribbing in the beginning of the trip! How many of you feel that just perhaps, Shaunie can be a mean girl?!! Are U rasing you hands like I’m doing? Just sayin’

Anyho, Jennifer is finally filing for divorce…Geez what took ya so long, Jennifer? Reality won’t deceive you for long, gurl. Jennifer is also contributing to her own beauty line, inclusive of colorful/bold lipsticks.

Tomorrow voting polls open at 7AM for the Mayoral Race in Chicago. My  kind of town, be it all shady & stuff. But, like,” it is what it is” and just like Denise Richards defense of ex hubby, Charlie Sheen. “It’s been C hicago’s Political Lifestyle for a long time”!

Riddle me this next teaser: “Female empowerment can change your life.”  

Answer coming at ya in yet another “T” blast off!

Ps. Those long annoying gaps /holes in my posts? Not my doing. Might have to change themes people!


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