Halle “Vogues”, Rham Wins, And Sheen Spends!

Regis Philbin in 2009

Image via Wikipedia

So Halle Berry has been in the spotlight of late, since calling a truce with her baby’s daddy. That would be daughter, Nala & ex, Gabriel Aubrey. Now, Halle is winning fashionista awards and gracing the cover of several magazines-just got my March Ebony Issue… There’s Halle looking like the cat’s meow !

Chicago Mayoral election is over and Rham Emanuel is the decided winner with an overwhelming 55% of the voters throwing the former White House Chief of Staff their support. Rham beat out Gery Chico,Carol Mosley Braun and Miquel De Valle for the honor. Mayor Daley made it a point to be out of the city during the election. hmmm. Anyhow…

Charlie Sheen is apparently headed back to the set of his sitcom, Two and One Half Men. Rumor is, he’s been missed and everyone is ready to get back to work. The “T” is that Charlie recently shelled out over $750.000.00 for 5 cars for the past & present women in his life. Could be a motivating factor for Charlie’s desire to get back to work…Okay, a mere drop in the bucket for good time Charlie, eh?.  PSST, did you hear?

How photogs caught John Travolta relaxing on the beach without his hairpiece? Do you think at 75 years old, Robert Redford hair is the real deal?

That Mario Lopez and Kathie Lee Gifford are the front runners to replace Regis Philbin at Regis & Kelly? I’m banking on Kelly’s hubby, Mark. Let me know your thoughts , GMs (gossip Moguls)

I’ve got sooo much more to tell you people, but, exhaustion from the “day’ gig is ruining my flow! Next up? New Reality TV Shows. Ans to teaser prompt and as always here at clara54’s “t” blog; gossip, gossip, gossip!



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