Charlie Sheen Rants!

Toni Braxton on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas 2009

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Okay, so Charlie’s good times seemingly has come to an end after his rants on radio against his One And A Half Men producers! The latest reports coming out of tinseltown is that production is shutting down on the number one comedy show and that Sheen is out!  Charlie is still saying that he has another year on the show and that he will definitely show up for work next week…Methinks this will become the biggest drama to hit the blogosphere since the famous Sarah Palin Alaskan sightings…

Tony Potts is leaving Access Hollywood. Can’t say how much he’s going to be missed, but, thanks for the memories, Tony.Now a days, everybody who ever made headlines for whatever reason, getting their own Reality Show. Allegedly (can’t prove it yet) the newest kid on the block? None other than the former homeless man, otherwise known as “the voice”, Ted Williams will become a reality… More Reality?

1. Toni Braxton & family

2. Paris Hilton & friend

3. Comedian Sinbad…

Did you know? Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Material Girl, a clothing line by Madonna & 14 year old daughter Lourdes. Did you also know the clothes are sold exclusively at Macys? Sorry, paycheck to paycheck folks. I feel ya!

Keep it here for more exciting “Ts”

I’m on a conference call like 30 minutes ago! YIKES

Charlie Sheen Self-Destructs; ‘Two and a Half Men’ Canceled (


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