Too Many FB Friends Can Make You Ill?

Anne Hathaway at the 81st Academy Awards

Image via Wikipedia

Well, according to the recent research on Facebook users, the more friends you befriend,the more nervous & anxious you might become. You get overwhelmed and nervous about keeping abreast of all of those new friends you’ve made, which can lead to anxiety and stress, which can make you sick!

Charlie Sheen is suing CBS to the tune of 320 million dollars for cancelling Two And A Half Men and mental anguish! Charlie has literally gone rogue, people and there’s talk still that he’ll show up for work even with the sitcom shut down!

Linsey Lohan spoke exclusively  to Extra and wants to seriously clean up her life, Yay for you Lindsey! 

James Franco & Anne Hathaway nearly sucked at hosting the83rd Annual Academy Awards this year! Okay, I said, nearly. Anne Hathaway’s numerous dress changes sort of saved a it from being a total ship wreck! Just sayin’

The Bodyguard is being remade people and new casting, natch, considering, Kevin might be a bit portly and Whitney, ? Well, busy being Whitney…

Speaking of Whitney, her old Nemesis, Wendy Williams & my “How you doin?!” hero will be a contestant on DWTS! Got the “T” from Wendy’s people today. Ya’ll know I’m a fan:)

Okay, your gurl here is getting no play from her new site @ site! Might be reconsidering my decision bout moving on up.Haste makes waste and I can’t afford to waste a nickel!

Later gm’s…


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