Charlie Sheen “Swag” Magnet?

Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in Bailey, Colorado...

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Okay, fellow G-Moguls, riddle me this. What admittedly drug snorting ,brazen actor who recently lost his Two And A Half Men sitcom is currently making swag from endorsing his fav bottle of chug-a-lug milk to his penchant for hot dog & weiners?  ANS…You guessed it, Charlie Sheen!

Seems good time Charlie can literally do no wrong (other than harming himself) these days, in lieu of his unabashedly account of living/sleeping with 2 young girls (of age we assume) who are living with him…Losing his twin sons because of aforementioned fact and being denied access to his daughters  for mainly losing control of his parenting sense …And

Still, folks can’t seem to get enough of Sheen’s swag appeal! Advertisers are making money, Twitter accounts have blown up and his popularity caused a hot dog stand to become the hot spot of the season! And get this, Charlie is penning a book as well. It’s true, the man is obviously troubled. He’s not my idea of role model material, but, he’s reportedly become one savvy business man! Agree or disagree? Hit me up people. Love to hear both sides of this one:)

Did you know?

 Unemployment is down 8.9%  

Mickey Rooney @ 90 years old is claiming his step-son abused him emotionally and financially for more than 20 years. Mr. Rooney claims elder abuse against his step-son in testimony before a court and states, “When a man feels helpless, it’s terrible and I was helpless.”

Who said “Female empowerment can change your life?” Lady GAGA!


More “Ts” on the horizon:)


2 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen “Swag” Magnet?

    • I enjoyed the show as well. Hope to see Charlie back in rare form & healthy. Will certaintly pay a visit to your Off Color Humor site. No pain no gain, right?

      Thanks for stopping by
      Clara/ a true “t” mogul!

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