A Bit Of Reality, Lots Of Bobby Brown & Perez Who?

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So, I’m coming off of a weekend of nurse exhaustion (day gig) when it’s time to get my “T” on. I rush to finish my breakfast of hash browns & ham just as The View intro comes on (what is Whoopi wearing?) and then, a quick dash to scope out my gurl, Wendy. I’m disappointed cause it’s a rerun.( suppose Ms. Williams is rehearsing for DWTS) and back to The View…Just a few comments about Charlie’s new radio show/ spoof/host/ where he’s taking digs at his ex’s among other thing…Bobby Brown is the man now that’s he’s making a comeback with his music & personal life…We’ll get back to Bobby.

Anyho, caught a bit of Holly’s World. Jade is a Sh$t starter ya’ll and deserved the drink in the face! But, The Basketball Wives shocked my socks off last night. Evelyn gets around doesn’t she? Back in the days, she confessed to Tami how she & Tami’s then, husband, hooked up sexually!!!!!!!!! Man, Tami wasn’t too pleased after Tami bared her soul like that to the women, saying Evelyn reminded her (Tami) of herself back in the day…hmmm

Okay, Bobby’s on now! He’s sooo good looking! That black leather makes him eye catching, eye candy @ 40 something! Bobby has a new son and ladyfriend and admits to being well, and in love. The Masterpiece is his new album. It’s been 13 years, people. He’s hooking up with the original group, The New Edition as well, YAY! Okay, it’s possible, people:)

He performs “Get Out Of The Way” from the album. Gotta get it ya’ll!!!

Now, The thing I found a bit astounding from watching Joan & Melissa’s Reality Show the other night? Joan credits Perez Hilton with being the top dog in Celebrity Bloggers! I admit, I was down with Perez as well, until he got too personal & balantly insulting to Natalie (Bad Girls)) about her blemishes on live a reunion show…My thing is, “don’t go throwing stones!” Just the facts and, or, clarification of rumor. But, perhaps that’s why PH is famous, eh?

Joan Rivers thinks the fella is the cat’s meow and to prove it, she has her SILVER shipped from New York for a spot of tea at their home. Joan shows him nude pics of daughter, Melissa she’d taken while Melissa was in the shower-oh well, it’s only Perez Hilton.

Keep it here today because I’ll be back to report on Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice and why I felt it was unfair to fire David Cassidy!

Happy Women History Month!



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