Donald Trump Wants To Be Entertained!

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At least that’s what Star Jones take is on the firing of former pop icon David Cassidy from the 1st episode of Celebrity Apprentice. According to a recent comment from Ms. Jones, “Richard (Hatch) didn’t bring enough to the table for David (Cassidy) to be fired, but, Donald (Trump) wants to be entertained and Richard is entertaining.” I say, fiddlesticks! David Cassidy got the axe because he doesn’t like confrontation and Trump does…It’s all about the Benjamins, people and poor David didn’t stand a chance with his being the good guy. So be forewarned future contestants. If you want to stay in the game, use your anger to push, insult and belittle the other contestants and you’ll make Donald a happy man:)

Now, listen up, it seems that my gurl Wendy Williams might just have a shot at winning the coveted DWTS trophy as she’s being picked by viewers as a possible front runner. Along with Kendra. I say Sugar Ray has a feather weight of a fighting chance. Now, what say you?

Did you hear one expert on the economy say how she decides the economic state in our country is on the upswing? Dig it…

1. Men are buying new underwear

2. More golfers are hitting the green

3. More folks are ordering dessert when eating out

4.There’s a demand for cardboard boxes, indicating people are buying more than before.

5. Cabbies are busier than they’ve been in a long time…

But, did she consider the nearly $4.00 gas prices in Chicago? Just sayin’

Your “T” Teaser…”Gotta get a tweet out there to let em know last night was a shameful train wreck…A shameful train wreck.”

More Ts coming at ya!


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