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There’s something for every one in this TGIF “T” post. From Shy Town Politics, to Celebrity “who said & did” that? Anyho, let the gossip wars began!

Chicago Governor Quinn, abolished the death penalty after he was stated saying, it was the hardest decision he has had to make.15 inmates awaiting the death penalty sentences were reduced to life in prison as a result of the governor’s decision.

joan Rivers sprinkled the ashes of her late husband Edgar under the seats of The David Letterman Show recently, when she was invited back after a 20 year ban from Letterman. Joan felt it was right that she & Edgar get to return to the Show where she sat in for Johnny Carlson on many late night occasions.

Halle Berry recently received the NAACP Image Award, presented by The Purple One, Prince. 

Kid Rock talks about family, country, giving back and his love for music on a recent Piers Morgan. He gives a surprisingly candid and believable interview and appears to be a man who stands by his word. Afraid to fight? Nooo way, not when it’s for something dude believes in.

Is he racist? Having a biracial child with an African-American woman and speaking as a doting father to his son? Show me the truth in that internet babble people.

Folks are lining the streets on Chicago’s Michigan Ave 3 and1/2 blocks long, standing in line for the Apple IPAD 2. So many people vying for the Ipad because it has a camera, is faster, smaller and lighter…Ship one my way, why don’t ya?

Mel Gibson slapped with a misdemeanor, ya’ll. No jail time for Mel? Former bodyguard, Chris Jones goes on record to Extra saYing he doesn’t believe Mel Gibson is guilty of domestic abuse & what does he have to gain for saying that? Nada…

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have announced their breakup. Stating that the split was mutual and they will remain friends. Don’t all celebrities say that? Well, nearly all!

Marc Anthony will return to Nurse HawthorNe as a love interest for Jada Pinkett Smith‘s character…Well the two did have chemistry on the show before. Sorry spouses- Will and Jennifer.

Speaking of Jennifer.Would luv to know what she really feels about former beau Shawn “Puffy” Combs appearance on American Idol? just sayin’

Was Oprah Winfrey a little bit miffed that Aretha Franklin gave her first post illness interview to Wendy Williams? Sources say that would be a yes!

Okay, who said “Gotta get a tweet out there to let ’em know last night was a shameful train wreck, a shameful train wreck”? Charlie Sheen speaking on his first viral (winning) webcam…

Another brain tease for ya’ll…”I’m trained to bait, trap and kill.”

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