Clara54’s Backlog of “T” Stuff

Janet checking her mike...2006 press conference.

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There’s so much more “T” stuff to dish on and it’s not even Monday yet! Anyho, this post will be about playing catchup on the gossip cause the buzz keep flying & hitting the fan and every gossip mogul is on it! Ya know Janet Jackson’s book ,True You, A Journey To Finding And Loving Yourself, made The NewYork Times Bestsellers list? Yep, the sistah was recently on tour in Chicago looking cool in black leather and slick hair “do”. You go Janet.

Missed Basketball Wives original airing of their reunion season 2, but caught enough to hear the Bs’ flying between Royce and Evelyn. Evelyn appears to be headed for her own Reality Show with her latest hookup guy,Chad O,coming off the heels of a big knock down, drag out fight with Tami over Evelyn SPILLING the beans that she slept with Tami’s huband, now ex-hubby.

Strangely enough, on a recently aired radio show @ 105.1, Shaunie, as guest, was asked why Evelyn would take that moment to tell Tami about her sleeping with her man and Ms. Shaunie had the adacity to say she didn’t know! Rewind the tape fellas, Shaunie encouraged her girl to go and tell Tami the news, which leads me to wonder in print..”Is Shaunie being shady?”

Like , I’m not one to throw stones, but, dig, something is foul on the sistahhood in Basketball land…Anyho, moving right along. Watched a bit of Bethenny Ever After, Reality Show and have to say that gurl got issues that need to be resolved quick & in a hurry.

Bethenny, you got a stellar,standup guy, or so it appears. I mean give dude a break. So he wants to take his kid to see the grandparents. Spending time with the grandparents can be a good thing, Bethenny! You shouldn’t feel bad that your hubby has doting parents and punish them for it-it’s not rocket science. You do you by getting yourself together. No charge for that life lesson:)

Who will buy tickets to see Charlie Sheen when he comes to Chicago?

Recently interviewed Chicago Fashion Designer , Tennille White for her 2nd BET Rip The Runway appearance airing March 21’st. Stayed tuned for more in later posts.

Did ya’ll hear? Royce & her man are now kaput…

Who said. “I’m trained to bait, trap and kill”? None other than Star Jones!



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