Aretha Franklin Did Not Have Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Lisa Rinna at the 81st Academy Awards

Image via Wikipedia

Although the Queen of Soul is not really telling folks just what she did have- Aretha insists she would never have that particular surgery. Losing close to 80lbs and down to a size 18, Ms. Franklin was recently on Access Hollywood talking about her new album and how she’s not in love!! Although the Queen divulged that her last beau and she had different ideas and he was younger than she- said the dude thought Aretha was 20 years younger than what she really was, wow! You go gurl!

Charlie Sheen is a one man wonder in Chicago, selling out his April show in a mere 18 minutes. The proceeds from Charlie’s, My Violent Torpedo of Truth, will go toward the earthquake victims in Japan. Detroit is the next city on Charlie’s “Winning” agenda. No word yet if those tickets sold out as well.

Lisa Rinna was the 2nd celebrity to get the boot from Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice. Apparently Lisa couldn’t hold her own against two diehard, dogmatic and cruelly competitive, Star Jones and Dionne Warwick, who just hampered Lisa- just a shame.. 

People who watch Chelsea After Dark have to have a thick skin. Listening to the subtle hints of racial satire and sarcasm isn’t for everyone…Hmmm, wonder if 50 cent catch any of Chelsea Lately‘s whacked humor?

Okay, so Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was in Chicago on Monday night for a speech which some say signals his intent to run for president of the united states of america. I say hold up! I’m from the racist, Dixielands of Mississippi and I say, Hell No! Mississippi is overgrown with trees, tumbleweeds, with one streetlight, abandoned & rotted out homes, a single twiggly-wiggley and one service gas pump!

Anybody, anywhere, entertaining the thought that this Mississippi governer will help America as president, need to haul tail down to the southern side of life and then, tell me why this individual would consider running for president!!! Okay, I’m cool now, breathing again… Be forwarned Governor, you can take your ideas out of Mississippi, but, your footprints remains behind, rooted in stains of leadership.

More “ts” coming at ya, suddenly feeling nauseated!



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