Notables From Clara54’s “T” Blog

Sandra Bullock at the premiere for The Proposal

Image via Wikipedia

Sandra Bullock gave Japan $1 million dollars on their relief efforts via the Red Cross toward the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. It’s being reported to be the most any celebrity has given to Japan since last years devastation. Celebrities are about to step up with their game/ contributions by following Sandra Bullocks lead, I just know that!

Walmart franchises are opening 6 new stores in the Chicago, Illinois area in coming years…which means new jobs for many, many neeed y people. Hey, I’m gooood at customer services. Did you know? The price of food jumped 3.1% over the last few months? Yep, you know! Aretha Franklin said in a recent Access Hollywood segment that she wants Denzel Washington to play her dad in the movie of her life.  There will be 2 Arethas, a yong and older version. Halle Berry declined cause she can’t sing. Aretha says she knew that and thought Halle might be able to lip sync, like many other actresses have done in movies…Aretha is hitting the promotional circuit to promote her album, Aretha; A Woman Falling Out of Love…hmmm

Folks watching Joan & Melissa; Joan Knows Best, knows that the two had a falling out of sorts, sending Joan back to New York a mess and Melissa left in California, a mess. Well, mother and daughter made up and Joan is back and going on dates! She got to mambo with a dancer, ride on the back of a motorcycle with a “tree doctor” and shoot a weapon with a sorta dapper dan type. This guy Joan liked, but he promptly blew her off after their dinner, saying he had to go out of town on business for an extended time! Don’t they all say that? 


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