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Sen. John Warner / Elizabeth Taylor

Image by dbking via Flickr

I can hardly believe it’s been 4 days without my burst of “t” vitamins! Well, it has been a somber week of sorts with the death of screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor from CHF (congested heart failure)) at 79 and this awful, frigid Chicago weather! Anyho, I’m back in the groove for more stellar t gossip, so listen up ya’ll:

Chris Brown went ballistic at GMA’s studios because he felt that after two years, folks could find something else to talk about like his album:) Anyho, Chris did offer a weakened apology for his bad behavior. On Twitter, he asked a burning question.. In a nutshell? Why Charlie Sheen‘s bizarre behaviour is applauded and he’s being referred to as a “thug”…hmmm

Is Paris Hilton a racist? Don’t judge, just buy the book that has Paris allegedly saying how touching a black person is gross! The book with remarks Hilton seemingly uttered some 12 years ago is called Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead. Okay, fella t moguls, foward a copy my way & let’s dish on it.

Michael Jordan is opening an intercontinental steak house in Chicago. Maybe I’ll get to pay dude a visit to cop an interview for the fans and a free steak dinner on the house for my trouble- hey, just keeping it on the real:)

Did you know?

Clara54’s weblog Interview with Chicago Fashion Designer, Tennille White was a smash? visit to see for yourself.

That OMG and LOL have become official words, recognized by The Oxford Dictionary? OMG!!!

Richard Burton wrote love letters to Elizabeth Taylor? The letters are published in the book Furious Love- I gotta have that book!

Okay, T-Moguls ya need to hurry back this way for dish on the NeNe and Star Jones feud. George Lopez and Kristie Alley trading insults and what Bobby Brown said about his ex, Whitney Houston!



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