Serena Williams Sexy 2K Sports Ad

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I saw the video people & my question is? What’s all the hoopla about? It’s not bordering on porn and I’ve seen Victoria Secret models wearing less, for goodness sake…hmmm, could it be that cause Serena has a bit of junk in her trunk that advertisers are getting nervous about women of color changing the whole concept of sexiness? Anyhow, it’s definitely not for children… other than a bit of salacious sex selling, what gives? 

Speaking of that salacious word? Just finished reading an article in March Ebony issue about the infamous “bitchyzzzzzzzz” blogger, Necole Bitchie of and how she became notorious in gossip, following in the footsteps of Perez Hilton (natch) by the down & dirty on celebrity. I’m thinking how the only thing Ms. Bitchie and Clara54’s “T” Blog have in common? We both patronize website! Although I’m sure she does much more frequently than I:) Anyho, Bitchie, liked the interview. You’re welcomed here anytime as my guest, now that, according to Ebony, you’re not quite so “bitchy”. Cause here I don’t do the ‘B’ thing so much:)

This post is bordering on bitchiness today. Star Jones and NeNe (former Atlanta Housewives Reality) are headed for more drama on Celebrity Apprentice, airing Sunday nights on NBC. Check your local lisitngs. It’s no secret the 2 women are at war. You recall how I mentioned in an earlier post, NeNe on a Wendy Williams segment saying if Star Jones was on fire she wouldn’t spit on her to put it out? Ouch! 

And George Lopez is in the dog house with Kristie Alley as well. He opened his flap on his show after Kristie’s DWTS debut (where she danced her tail off btw) to make a joke, referring to Kristie as a pig…Kristie shot off a tweet, allegeding to George’s drinking, how he’s a wolf falling into a bottle of vodka!

Well, apparently apologies abound from George Lopez via Billy Bush Access Hollywood stint. But, Kristie lets off another jab at George saying “I don’t want your apology, I want your kidney dude”. Kristie goes on to say George disrespected women with his statement, even the ex-wife who gave him her kidney in order for his continued survival! How quickly they forget…

Okay, it’s darn cold in Chicago right now. I’m hungry and need to eat. but ya’ll know I’m coming back with more “Ts”…

Hollah Bitchie’


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