Dionne Warwick Fired From Celebrity Apprentice!

aboard the Kandy Kruise 09/14/2007

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“Sometimes women have a tendency for not being straight up.” Fired from The Celebrity Apprentice by Donald Trump because he felt she challenged him to fire her. Dionne Warwick found herself booted off  the show after she said to the Donald to fire her and then changed her mind, stating, “Iwant to stay right here with you.”

Too late, Dionne made her bed. Apparently, the women thought that she should go as well. Dionne, a diva at 70, can be a bit intimidating, err,  but everyone respects her. Anyho, I know Martlee Matlin was signing her glee at the news 🙂

Walmart has a lawsuit against it claiming male workers earn more money and receive better job promotions. The Walmart brand is huge & should be liable for their discriminating actions against women, Duh!

 A word about the men on Celebrity Apprentice? They’re on fire!  Winning the challenge for the third time in a row where they had to create a 30 second ad for a video phone. Lil Jon got plenty kudos as project manager.  Gary Busey was the star for the camera in the short promo. Donald Trump calls Gary Busey totally nuts, but also a genius in a lot of ways…

The man of steel, as in The Superman Movie will be filming in Illinois come April. Amy Adams is set to star as Lois Lane.

Jennifer Hudson’s portrayal of Nelson Mandela‘s wife Winnie in the movie “Winnie Mandela” comes out in August. The late freedom fighter & activist spent 500 days in solitary confinement in her native African homeland.

35 year old Reese Witherspoon has tied the knock for the second time.

 For the record, Bobby Brown says he’s been clean from drugs for 6 1/2  years. Is friends still with Kevin Federline and is working on his drinking. He sang his hit “Get Out Of The Way” to an enthused Wendy Williams & her audience…lookin’ good Bobby- okay, so I’m a wee bit biased. Loved that baaad boy during his Whitney days! “My Prerogative” 

On that note-



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