George Clooney Set To Testify At Berlusconi Trial?

Silvio Berlusconi in a meeting

Image via Wikipedia

Dang ya’ll, seems like everybody wants a piece of him! Who else? George Clooney,of course:) I mean, George is likely to be called as a defense witness for that Italian Prime Minister dude, Silvio Berlusconi about his actions during those “bunga bunga” parties at his villa authorities are calling a prositution lair where guests are served friendly orgies for dessert…

Anyhow, the young woman at the head of the sex scandal was reported to be only 17 when she had sex with the prime minister of Italy at his mansion, where she denies any wrongdoing, citing George Clooney and his gal pal among some of the noted guests at these shindigs.

Of course, George is reported to be stumped by his involvement. He’s reportedly called the idea of his being a witness in the April 6th trial as “odd” since he only met the italian head of state once for fundraising efforts to aid his Darfur mission.

Well, this will be interesting fodder for us “t” moguls in the weeks to come, eh? Now let’s talk Star Wars!

Star Jones was on Access Hollywood Live today letting the claws come out about the stuff happening between her ahd 3 women of The Celebrity Apprentice. First off, Star said it was business with Lisa Rinna and only after Lisa was fired and started talking crap about her on Twitter did Star retaliate.

Star calls Latoya a manipulative little girl and says” poor thing” about NeNe in response to Nene Leakes calling Star Jones bossy, selfish, conniving and manipulative. Lisa Rinna is still talking mucho smack. Saying about Star’s book, Satan Sisters;”Perfect title!”.

Well, Star isn’t mincing words either.Telling the women to “Put on your big gal pumps, step up or step off.” Star says she is tired of these little girls whining LOL…

Question: Donald Trump for my president? Hellllll No! 



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