Good Time Charlie Goes “Bust” In Detroit!

Harpo Studios, headquarters of talk show host ...

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Okay. so good time Charlie Sheen was not “winning” in Detroit with his first  opening night’s one man show “My Violent Torpedo of Truth”. In fact, folks actually walked out on the former Two and a Half Men star’s performance! Now, according to reports, things started off with a bang for Charlie with cheers & standing ovations… What’s not to cheer about whe anticipation abounds? Charlie gave em’ a bit of what the folks wanted by showing clips of his past winning movie moments, a special guest songster and even brought his 2 “goddesses” on stage for a salacious tongue lashing between the two…Then, apparently something went “bust” and Charlie was left scratching his head, no doubt. Could it be because of all of the hype & anticipation built up by the media & Charlie himself, that somehow it dawned on folks? Charlie’s “winning” Reality Bites! Sucks and causes a fiery disappointment?

Don’t worry, people, according to Charlie that train wreck was an experiment & so Charlie’s headed for my side of town next; Chicago, Chicago! And if we don’t like it? He’s already got your money, dude!! “Winning”

Speaking of winning? A few scandalous Reality Shows that are about to descend upon us the month of April includes:

Khloe & Lamar

Braxton Family Values

Mob Wives &

Betty White Reality! AND

Rosie O’Donnell will be coming to Chicago to host her one hour talk show from Oprah‘s Harpo Studios

One more fact to leave you g-moguls with? According to reports,  a whopping 64% of men cheat on their taxes! 

hollah back ya’ll


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