Charlie Sheen “Winning” In Chicago

Wendy Williams in June 2005

Image via Wikipedia

The latest breaking news from Chicago in regards to Charlie Sheeen’s one man Torpedo Show? He’s winning! Apparently, the folks here in  the Windy City wasn’t as harsh to Charlie as those in  the Motor City were. Charlie performed his comedic tirade at the Chicago Theater to thundering applause and cheers on Sunday night. What a difference a day and a city makes. Okay, Charlie did make some much needed changes to his stage script, people. Opting to have himself interviewed and spilling secrets to everything from being fired from his Two and A Half Men sitcom, to doing drugs, to even trashing a hotel room over allegations that a porn star stole his pricey watch. Well, according to reports, Charlie has about 18 more shows to do. The question now is, will he have the stamina and material to sustain being on the  comedy tour de farce!?

Speaking of comedy? Did you guys catch Meatloaf meltdown with Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice? If u want to share highlight with fellow t moguls here, give me a holla or send me an email- I didn’t watch it this time around, was watching The Family Crews instead. I might have a word with the Reality Show’s producers at some point. There’s so much “t” stuff that’s getting my goat lately and you’ll want to keep it here when I tell you this latest disappointment with The Family Crews!

Dancing With The Stars, Wendy Williams is on the cover of Essence Magazine‘s May Issue! Haven’t had a minute to relax & read it yet, but, I’m definitely going to check to read the words coming out of Ms. Williams mouth. Anyho, Wendy & her professional dance partner, Tony, will be dancing the Fox Trot tonigh on DWTS! Folks, you gotta vote to keep your fav in the game. Will tell you who I think should take home the dancing ball in a later post. 

Listen, I got a big time player following my tweets these day. See if u can guess his name with this clue: Professor who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008 and is a columnist for The New York Times!!!????????

All I gotta say is “this southern gurl must be doing somethin’ right”!



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