Wendy Williams Blasts Stereotype!

Dancing with the Stars (card game)

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Wendy Williams “queen of talk” blasts the  stereotypical perception that all black folks got rhythm! Stating that she can’t dance, Ms. Williams took defeat gracefully, telling the DWTS audience she was grateful for the opportunity. She went on to say she’d dish about it all on her show tomorrow! That a girl, Wendy! Anyho, my g mogul mentor didn’t win the dancing ball, but, then, she had a bit of fun trying.

Kristie Alley & Maxs’ huge tumble on Monday night, only a few seconds into their routine has been all the rage of late. Now, I suppose it will be Wendy’s turn in the post op spotlight of Dancing… She’ll be going onto the Jimmy Kimble set later tonight. Now that Wendy’s gone, somehow, I think DWTS won’t be half as interesting;( but to cheer myself up, let’s dish a bit about  celebrities & their book fetish. From watching talk shows of late, seems quite a few celebrities have written a book (actually a ghostwriter did it) (Smirk) but, the deal is many of these people are getting in on this mad dash perhaps in hopes of landing an Oprah appearance , or a New York Times place on their bestseller list. OMG! For real & authentic writers ? Eat your heart; blood, sweat & tears out !

Celebrites with books include:

Bethenny Frankel

Star Jones

Ashley Judd

Barbara Eden

Susan Lucci and

Ricki Lake…

Did you g moguls guess my famous twitter follower? Naw you didn’t, did ya? Thanks Prof. Paul Krugman! Although for the life of me, can’t figure the attraction. just sayin’


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