The Judd’s WGN Chicago News Interview Debacle!

Judd, as YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, speaks a...

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Yep, seems like the Judds, Naomi and Wynonna wasn’t too happy with their WGN Chicago interview! The questions & anger came about when the anchors started in on Ashley Judd and her seeminlgy allegations of  sexual abuse growing up. Naomi Judd cried “forget about it!” While Wynonna says if you’d read the book , as a journalist, you’d know it’s not about that ! The Judd claws came out folks and I suppose the Chicago anchors went too far in their probe of the Judd’s family secrets! Ashley’s book, All That Is Bitter And Sweet, is said to talk about suicide as well…hmmm, might be worth a read…

My gurl Wendy Williams is on the cover of May Essence Magazine! Will report on her dish in a later post. Wendy says when she was on dwts, she sustained swolllen feet & pain in her right hip. Stating that slippers & uggs became her new best friends! 

Did you know?

Camille Grammer signed on for another season of The Beverly Hillls Housewives.

Wendy Williams isn’t a huge fan of The Housewives of New York, although she says she like the ladies.

Joy Behar is a grandma?

Ryan Seacrest is worh over $45 million dollars.

Britney Spears new album, Femme Fatale is number 1 on the Billboards? She is said to be hooking up with Pauly D. of Jersey Shore on tour when he becomes her opening

 act.  To your health:

Heart Disease is THE number one cause of death worldwide!

2 out of 4 teens have eating disorders…So,

How you living?



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