I Interrupt The Usual “Ts” For A Fan SOS!

humboldt park chicago sunset

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Hello Clara,

I know you don’t know me, but, my name is Cassie Hicks, and I’ve been on this website since 2010. I’m from Chicago, I do volunteer work at a building for the disabled called Access Living, live in a supervised apartment building in Humboldt Park that’s connected to another facility for the disabled, I’m 43 years old, I pay my own rent, and an avid soap opera and music fan. My hobbies are exercising, watching TV, listening to music, going to movies, and getting my hair done. I’m also looking for a real job. If you look at my profile, you’ll be very impressed.

The reason why I’ve turned to you is I’m looking for a Chicago entertainment blogger who can take my three topics that have to do with soap opera stars and music a lot seriously AND call to interview me about them sometime this week. Others have NOT bothered to e-mail me back on this website every time I e-mail them. You don’t have to be an experienced interviewer or an interviewer, yet can give the old college try because I know you make more money than I do.

Are you ready to hear my topics? One is soap opera pop, the kind of music that young soap opera stars, current and past, can make. Two is-brace your self because I stink at traveling to L. A. alone-my desire to meet the cast and crew of “All My Children” at noon on Saturday, May 21st at downtown Chicago YWCA, having singer-turned-entrepeneur Beyonce as a guest of honor. Why? Because I’d love for her to become a musical guest for this soap on Thursday, June 2nd, and Friday, June 3rd, allowing a young Pine Valley heartthrob to sing a duet with her when she hits the stage at one of the town’s finest hotspots, ConFusion, or The Yacht Club. Three is wanting older soap opera stars, current and past, to sing jazz, blues, and opera.

I know this is a tall order for you, but, if you read this message, you’ll see where I’m coming from. If you think about it, I know I’ll have my dreams come to fruition.

Please e-mail me back either today or tomorrow. My e-mail address is, cassiehicks89@yahoo.com.

I’ll be hearing something from you soon.

A blogher.com member, Cassie Hicks

Okay, this is a testament to the power of the t-moguls out there! I can’t do it alone. This fan needs assist on the real to make her dreams a reality! Use your connections, roledex & celeb status to make THIS happen people:)
FYI: Cassie is soooo misinformed about the benjamins! 

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