Khloe & Lamar “Bitter” Reality Show

Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers

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Okay, so add yet another Reality Show to my to-do list of shows to gossip about! I’m talking about the debut of Khloe & Lamar( Odom) premiere on the E channel Sunday night. Lamar, the basketballer was a bit put out on the first episode and there wasn’t much his new wife could do to break his funky mood! First, dude is passed over by the All-Star Game for a rookie player no less and get this, his little bro-in-law got to shoot a few celebrity hoops in the game. YIKES!

And my fellow g-moguls, that wasn’t the end of Lamar’s woes. His prodigal, former drug addicted dad, who went missing in Lamar’s life as a kid, suddenly shows up 17 years later and has since become a needy knot tied to the  athlete’s money bags… Khloe’s experience with her dad being different, she pushes naively for the same sort of relationship for Lamar & his dad-baaad move KKO…

Ultimately, Khloe gets it, when the first words to his son is how much he needs money! For the record, Lamar Odom pays his father’s expenses, perhaps out of a sense of duty. The man was missing from his life. He doesn’t owe his a dang blasted thing!  Okay, a bit cruel,er Lamar Odom owes his deadbeat dad a roof, a job doing manual labor, and a swift kick in the rear! On the real? Joe needs to apologize to his son and show him his love instead of having his hand out!

But, back to Lamar’s disappointment in not making the All-Star”s Game. Lamar can’t help but to feel slighted, ignored, used and abused. Admittedly, he felt “bitter!” and when a black man feels bitter? He doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone. This show is going to provide lots of fodder for all of you gossip mavens… but, then, it could still get canned within the year. Time will tell!

Okay, here’s the deal. Toni Braxton headlines Braxton Family Values on Tuesday nights @ 9pm on Bravo. I will be watching for your reviewing pleasure. Alright, add another Reality Show to the mix. Come on people, I do have a life, but I’m on a need to know here and those sister seem to want to bring it! And let us not forget “mommy” dearest! 

Question: Who do you think is the Queen of Reality?

Paris Hilton?


Kim Kardashian?

Hit me up & I’ll tally the votes…



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